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Miro 6.0 full version setup

A slim and elegant open-source media player for Windows This program is an alternative to Windows Media Player with many different and useful options. You can use it simply to play the media files stored in your system, but it also can download and/or view files from YouTube, Internet Archive, PBS and other video sharing websites. If you know about a site that is not listed, you can add it to the program’s list so you can open it easily. The program also has direct links to music stores such as Amazon Music Store, Google Store, and others. If you like podcasts, the program lets you hear and download your favorites as well. You can also create playlists with your files.

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There are more than 4,000 sites that currently offer content through this system, and the number increases every day, becoming one of the most important ways to access multimedia content, and that will be much more popular as time goes by.

The most complete multimedia player

By default, Miro free full download suggests a selection of its favorite RSS channels, but we’ll be able to subscribe to as many as we want. We can configure it to automatically download all the new items from the feed, or paying attention to parameters like the language, the quality or the metadata.

If this was not enough, the program lets you convert your files into many different formats, such as MP3, MP4, and other formats that are compatible with different hardware such as Android phones, Apple devices, PlayStation consoles, Galaxy Tabs, and so on. In short, this program has more features than most of the pay-based software, so you may want to give it a try. The program is open-source, which means that its code is available for anyone who wants to use it. Thus, you can download and use the program for free. Nevertheless, please take into account that it shows ads on its interface.


  • It shows ads on its interface
  • Free
  • Elegant,
  • Many file types supported
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When it comes to video podcasts, Miro 6.0 setup goes far beyond iTunes by letting you subscribe to BitTorrent RSS feeds, with one of the fastest torrent downloaders in the world. Miro 6.0 Full Version Free Download makes BitTorrent RSS dead simple– when a new episode is available, it will download automatically and be ready to watch. Miro 6.0 free is an open-source media player designed to help you play video and audio files, as well as view and download clips from the Internet.

System Requirement:

  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish
  • Homepage: www.participatoryculture.org
  • Author Participatory Culture Foundation
  • Last version 6.0

What’s new in last version:

New features:
Audio CD metadata fetching
Bug fixes:
Unittests should check logging output
audio skips when changing tab
MP3 conversion quality is very low
import_itunes_path should handle ValueError exception
extracted thumbnails don't always show for podcast items
Give the frontend its own database.
Figure out device database upgrades for versions past 5.0
don't pre-create displays during delayed display switching
Add thread check in Widget.__init__
Switch to Write-Ahead Log (WAL) mode for sqlite.
remove Hybrid from the Preferences – Podcasts Default view setting.
in update_status NameError: global name 'new_title' is not defined

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  1. This is your one stop shop for torrents, podcasts and video downloads. One of the best softwares I have ever used. I’m addicted to it!

  2. could use some improvement, esp. help files letting the user know what never to delete

  3. You need to remember to move your cursor away from the image you want to capture because when you click “print screen” it will freeze what the screen looks like, including the cursor.

  4. Hello, i bought the program thinking i would be able to snipe auctions, i have had instances were bids have not been placed, when trying to contact customer support, on several occasions and heard nothing, the support is absolutly disgacefull, do not buy this program

  5. I would rather pay for ACD/ChemSketch than play with the drivers. This page is strange. Are you still in business? Do you have a nonproprietary file format? Can ChemSketch produce SVG files?

  6. This seems to be more of a remote interface to a website because everything you click on seems to launch a webpage. You can see a static map, forecast and temperature but not much else.

  7. I needed support to get the version I had working. It involved reinstalling, reinstalling snapapi and scheduler task (WHY?) backups I set up started randomly changing names, deleting VALUABLE backups. They have a tool to COMPLETELY remove Acronis 2012, but warn that your machine may be inoperable after using it. Right, Like I’d try that. Had trouble again a month later, had to pay for support. 2 month later I am still working out issues, losing valuable images and cannot stabilize the enviroment

  8. It has never been easier to stay organised with gumnotes, I use to forget things and writing them down on a sheet of paper… well you know, if your desk is chaotic you are likely to throw it away or do something else with it. But it’s nearly impossible to lose a note you’ve attached to a document and that is the way gumnotes works.

  9. The free version only updates only when the program starts so it´s a big drawback i think. The pc boots a little slower it´s ok to me but there are peopple that hetas that.

  10. Seems to be stuck in some “configuration mode. Shouldn’t be necessary to disable indexing to install a program.

  11. Not a lot – some features missing compared with others – layout takes a little getting used to.

  12. Always crashing, very annoying, preventing me from doing hardly anything at all anymore. THIS VERSION SUCKS!!!

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