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OCCT 5.5.6 Full Version portable

Each test can be run indefinitely, or for a fixed amount of time. You can even include an idle period at the beginning or at the end of a test, to see how your computer’s temperature rise from an IDLE state to loaded, and the other way round. OCCT 5.5.6 Serial Key also embeds a monitoring engine, giving you readings of the computers inner temperatures, voltages, and fan speed, and displays them in graphs plotted in real-time.

OCCT For Windows 10 Download

OCCT 5.5.6 full version with crack and keygen is a free stability checking tool that was created back in 2003, and was regularly updated since. It enables you to fully test your computer’s stability, using 4 different tests : CPU:OCCT 5.5.6 free and CPU:Linpack aimed at testing the CPU, GPU:3D for the GPU stability, and Power Supply, a combination of CPU:Linpack and GPU:3D to fully load your Power Supply. Benchmark your Windows Computer’s CPU now!

For instance, the LINPACK test allows you to choose the memory percentage, while choosing the GPU test lets you customize the resolution and the FPS limit. Once the selected test is started, you can immediately view the effects on your CPU and memory usage graph, as well as the new values for the CPU frequency. Although it does not offer a wide range of options, OCCT serial code proves to be a handy tool for enhancing the overall system performance.


  • Includes various tests for CPU, GPU and Power Supply
  • No possibility to change the color of the interface
  • Can monitor usage parameters in real time
  • Nag screen asking for donations
  • Allows setting alarms
  • Confused & found not helpful.
  • Shows how hot each core of your cpu gets when working at 100% cpu power.User can select light, medium or heavy workload and length of test. Default setting is 1 hour and large data set.Balanced stress test uses both cpu and RAM memory to confirm stable performance.Results can show if cpu, memory or cpu cooling has problems.
  • Just got 1st report, and only gave 4 stars, as I feel sure the problem is more “operator uninformed” than an issue w/the software itself.
OCCT Full Version Activation Key

The program works by putting the system to stress to check how it behaves in such situations. Right from its main screen, you can monitor the results of the four main tests. First, CPU: OCCT 5.5.6 full and CPU: Linpack tests let you test your CPU. Then, there is GPU: 3D to assess the stability of the graphics card. Finally, you can also run Power Supply, which is intended to measure your power supply’s response to intensive hardware use.

System Requirement:

  • .NET Framework 4.0 or newer
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 2003, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP, Windows 2K, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Homepage: www.ocbase.com
  • Author OCCT
  • Last version 5.5.6

What’s new in last version:

MAIN : Fixed a bug where the time displayed resets to 0 if a test runs for more than 24h
SYSINFO : The max TDP won't appear as "-1" anymore if it could not be detected
TRANSLATION : Fixed a bug where changing the language might empty Dropdowns in CPU:OCCT (Thanks Siegmour)
TRANSLATION : Fixed a bug where the column names weren't properly updated when changing the language (Thanks Siegmour again !)
TRANSLATION : Added support for Spanish (Argentina) (Thanks Oswy !)
TRANSLATION : Updated Portugues (Portugual)
3D : Fixed : errors detected in the 3d test were not always reported in the main UI (they were still shown in the 3d window)
TRANSLATION : Added support for Turkish (Thanks Levent)
MAIN : Overheat protection wasn't working anymore – it is now !
MAIN : Moved to a more standard "HH:MM:SS" display of time (in reports, in the UI…)
MAIN : The UI correctly recalculates the table minimum size in fullscreen mode

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50 thoughts on “OCCT 5.5.6 Full Version portable

  1. Couldnt get this program to run whatsoever, it appears to install OK but upon atempting to boot it generates an unspecified windows error. There is no install or fault support what so ever on the official website & they have 2 different downloads with no explanation as to the difference. If anyone can tell me how to make it work I would be very greatful.

  2. Had to remove and put Reader 9 back on. It was ridiculously slow opening files. I have a fairly powerful laptop with plenty of RAM and SSD hard drive.
    It appears I’m not the only one with this issue.

  3. The only con about this product… If you change hardware on your computer like your hard drive you will have to re-register with them to get a new key.

  4. Upon installing, the little progress bar got to the end and then nothing….waited and waited. Tried to bring up task manager but evidently the comp was hung.

  5. Only one … I wish they would make a Windows 7-10 PC apps. I have to manually add it to the start menu and manually associate the MS file type to be opened by LibreOffice 🙁

  6. When opening the PDF, the image on the screen was distorted (top inch of document was shifted left). The conversion only works on three pages at a time so I couldn’t fully evaluate how it would handle the conversion of a large complex document. The UI finish is rough.

  7. The trial only gives you 50% conversion which makes the trial completely pointless, but I can say it’s worth the $$ to just go ahead and buy it if you are looking for an easy way to convert your avi’s and burn them to dvd.

  8. Is it perfect? No, Nothing is.. As with all software, there were a few issues a few years back. But I have always had a pleasant experience. The cons of the past were just growing pains, I feel. I have been using browsers since they first existed. This being my favorite of them all!

  9. You need to buy it for 30$ to get rid of a small non-bothersom ad and unlock a few extra things but really the basic is very very good.

  10. Navigating within the input file is very limited. It also doesn’t have any apparent setting to make it extract clips without recompression.

  11. None that have caused me any concern, but it does take a little while to familiarise yourself with its capabilities.

  12. For 2018, the calculated week day is one day behind of the actual in old as well as latest version. This may please be corrected as soon as possible.

  13. Started causing random BSODs. Uninstalling it failed; using the Clean-up tool now prevents the PC from booting at all

  14. After installation I got error messages from my Comodo Firewall – Comodo would not initialize. Don’t know the connection between the two programs.

  15. It had been a couple weeks, but I think you have to specify Custom install. Do NOT allow their standard or quick install.

    I really wish CNET would STOP trying to front-end every piece of software with all of its stuff when we download from CNET – toolbar and changing home page. Really ticks me off that CNET prostitutes itself this way.

  16. very slow, have only used it to burn classical music to external HD but the library data base is not that extensive, so was not able to recognize most CDs

  17. I cannot get this product to fail even when I try to find a weakness. Will this product work still even if I pull the plug. After the Norton Crapshoot Ghost is this true good to be TRUE IMAGE. NO CONS THE BEST SOFTWARE I HAVE EVER USED

  18. It is good but recently has been crashing so I had to remove & reinstall and seems OK.[5-24-2011]. I gave it a 3 because it hasn’t been updated for a very long time. This stability issue has just occurred so my comment now includes that point as well

  19. Latest version is not 8064 – most recent version available from Acronis is 11.0.8078

  20. Doesnt make 3gp conversions but when using the correct conversion settings for mp4 your phone most will play the video.

  21. Takes hours to remove the junk. When I was using it, surfing through all the program’s it has,a virus tryed to attack my computer!!! Be cautious!

  22. Not enough hours in day….need more time, must build website, must get online, must GROOOOOOOVE!

  23. installation was clean and simple. unwanted files were deleted without a hitch. good and simple interface.

  24. There are some little quirks that don’t prevent one from getting things done but that I think should be cleaned up. One example: if when an object is copied the result is not two objects (as one would expect). Instead the original object and the copy of it become become one big object.

  25. – Left/Right/Up/Down arrows could be moved elsewhere than upper right corner of view; as is, it’s too easy to inadvertently move the view when moving toward upper right corner to close program.
    – Would be super-cool if day/nighttime map view could be used as main view with cities displayed; or, at least if it would update in real time (or does it? – I cannot be certain if it does).

  26. While adequate, I wish the database analysis and manipulation were more robust. Export function is good but not great.

  27. After working well for months, it just stopped updating. I uninstalled and reinstalled several times but nothing helped. I emailed the publisher and did get a couple of responses asking me what happens when i try to retrieve update. I replied that it simply wasnt updating and wasnt retrieving weather, got no further responsesfrom him after that. I havent changed anything else on my PC, no different firewall etc. I enjoyed this when it worked and would love to have it working again but i finally gave up and uninstalled it altogether.

  28. Cons: don’t call it “feature’ if developer can’t figure out how to create nested sub-folders. Two levels of folders for bookmarks? I got humdreds of them and how am I supposed to handle them with only two levels of nested folders?? Really stupid. Download Kikoz Bar or NetFav instead of wasting your time on this program.

  29. I have been using this text editor for many years. It is a wonderful text editor, easy to use, user-friendly interface.

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