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Create PDF files in an easy way A free software project provides you with powerful tools to create PDF files. The tools are very easy to use and you can create PDF files out of almost any application with the program or online with Online PDF Converter. Freely merge multiple PDF files With the free tool, you get an interface with which you can freely merge multiple files page-based. You can drag & drop pages from one file into another, you can move, delete and rotate pages and you can do a lot of other things. Edit PDF files page-based It has some features on board to edit PDF files. The editor contains a lot of useful features for daily life. You can split, merge and rearrange pages, secure a PDF with a password, change PDF properties and a lot more. Compress PDF files and reduce the file size Compressing multiple PDF files is no problem for the app. It contains a small utility which allows you to compress multiple PDF files and thus can reduce the size of your files. Join PDF PDF24 makes it very easy for you to join PDF files. You can do it for free, online or with software for your PC. This page explains, how you can join PDF files for free with utilities provided by PDF24.

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The program opens in a neatly designed interface that works as a main menu where you can select the task to perform. Each of those options will open on a new window, with its own settings, interface, and specific functionality. The problem is that none of these sub-programs will take you back to that main menu you came from, as closing any of these windows closes PDF24 Creator 9.1.0 license code as well, forcing you to launch it again to perform a new task.

MS Word is one of the most used text processing applications and the PDF format is the most used format to publish documents. Using the free PDF Creator, you can continue to use Word or any other text processor to write your documents and still publish them as PDFs. Click here to learn how to convert Word files to PDF. Document to PDF Converter PDF24 gives you different possibilities to convert your document files to PDF. Convert files online with the Online PDF Converter, convert by email with the Email PDF Converter or convert with the software, the desktop application from PDF24. Free PDF Creator to create PDF files


  • Doesn’t go back to the main menu when you close the selected tool
  • Access to online tools
  • Imports from and exports to multiple formats
  • Capture screen capabilities
  • Includes a toolbox to perform various edits
  • The Program is in German. No instructions in the program or on the website for changing the program into English. We are told it is offered in many languages. NOT SO.
  • The speed of this program is fantastic! I have the pro version of Acrobat but use this for printing.
  • When you do not want to print (or can not print) a document, you can save it as a PDF document. It consistently works. I have been using it for about 4 years. Frequently updated to stay current. Never any problems.
  • ———————-
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The PDF document format has quickly been extended to all operating systems due to its versatility, as it maintains its integrity regardless of the computer on which it’s opened which is an advantage when it comes to distributing information.

A complete kit of free tools to work with PDFs

The thing is that due to the format’s composition, not all text processors are capable of working with it, having to search for PDF-compatible editors. PDF24 Creator 9.1.0 preactivated is a tool that brings together several interesting functions when it comes to working with these files. This free application offers us the possibility to create and edit PDFs based on Microsoft Office or OpenOffice documents, amongst others. These are its main features:

System Requirement:

  • Homepage: en.pdf24.org
  • Author Geek Software GmbH
  • Last version 9.1.0

Now I have a big problem. Previous versions allowed me to save a PDF to a JPEG file. This one will do that, but parts of the document are missing.

I have tested the latest version of the application and I had the possibility of saving the opened document to JPG using the available function. Download and install the latest version, then open a document and go to Save As. Choose JPEG from the list and adjust any settings you want. Choose the path to save the output files as well, and that’s it.

What’s new in last version:

OCR: Option for automatic saving in the same directory:
With this new option, the OCR tool is able to automatically save processed files in the directory where the file is located. This option can be very useful when processing many files.
OCR: Option for automatic saving in an output directory:
With this new option, the OCR tool is able to automatically save processed files in a directory. This option can be very useful when processing many files.
OCR: Skip documents and pages with text:
With this new option, the OCR tool is able to skip files or pages that already contain text. In this way, files are not saved with duplicate text.

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  1. I had older version 2.5.0 working fantastic. Due to rebuilding of my machine, I have reinstall it – but when I installed the latest version (6.7?) it just hangs and never prints. I was trying to print an excel file into pdf (Which I did before with older version of 5.2.0 and worked very well). The pop-up of “Printing” stays forever and then it says (Not responding) and eventually it crashes the excel as well. So uninstalling it. If I find the older version 5.2.0 – I will try installing it and will see whether it still works else no option but say “good-bye” to pdf24 and use the other old one Primopdf. However I found in past that pdf24 was providing better pdf quality than primopdf. Will try luck once more.

  2. Ugly as pig, when it comes to the UI. Constantly crashes ghostscript executable. Other than that – when it works – it does the job… (Running on a 64bit Win8 PC)

  3. Easy to use, with some nices features for editing images. Uploading images to webalbum is quick and easy.

  4. it did not detect virus efficiently i.e “Win32/Armax!INI” and “Win32/Yahlover.KA” viruses. My computer was infected with these viruses. IObit 1.10 and IObit 1.20 did not detect these viruses. eTrust (CA) Antivirus detect and remove all these viruses.

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