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If you are looking for PeerBlock Full Version Full Crack alternatives, we recommend you to download VPN Unlimited or AVG Secure VPN. Note: This application has been discontinued. Protect your computer with the help of this simple app that blocks off access to your system in order to ensure your data’s security PeerBlock Full Version Free Download is intended to protect you from intruders and ill-intentioned sites

PeerBlock license Key

Whether you want to protect yourself from outside threats or you want to hide your activities from other, the tool is a perfect solution for you. It is very important to notice that the official supplier of the blocking lists that the app uses I-Blocklist has restricted access to free users of this app, offering them only ability to refresh their lists no more than once per week. Additional refreshes are possible with usage charges. This business arrangement was created in cooperation with the developers of Peer Block, who are earning a peace of that subscription money.

PeerBlock license code is a tool that lets us block access to our computer on behalf of specific IP addresses and vice-versa. Thus nobody will snoop what we do on the Internet nor will they constantly be sending us adverts. Ideal to exchange files on the P2P networks, the program by default includes a series of IP lists extracted from We can select lists depending on the kind of IPs that we want to block: organizations against P2P, publicity servers, spyware and adware servers, governmental organizations, educational institutions and universities.


  • PeerBlock is intended to protect you from intruders and ill-intentioned sites
  • Demands at least basic technical knowledge, as without it you may end up blocking all your communications
  • Can cause conflicts with various firewalls and impedes proper transfer of bit-torrent packages
  • This worthless program bundles with spyware, including programs named Coupon Companion and IB Updater. However, the biggest offender is “Incredibar.” It adds a worthless toolbar to IE and Firefox and refuses to uninstall. I googled Incredibar to learn that it’s spyware that hijacks your browsers to its advertising. I had chosen “custom install” to make sure to get Peer Block and Peer Block, but instead got this junk forced down my throat. I tried a Windows 7 rollback to a restore point, but that failed to get rid of this crap. Doesn’t C-Net check the software here anymore?
PeerBlock full version

Download PeerBlock premium – Protect your computer with the help of this simple app that blocks off access to your system in order to ensure your data’s security They can’t get in to your computer, and your computer won’t try to send them anything either. And best of all, it’s free! PeerBlock 1.2 For Windows Download is a continuation of PeerGuardian. Block the access to your PC with PeerBlock 1.2 license code, that uses information about IP addresses. Maintain your Internet security once you download PeerBlock free download for free

System Requirement:

  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish
  • Homepage:
  • Author PeerBlock, LLC
  • Last version

What’s new in last version:

Port Allow List – The new "Port Settings" tab allows you to unblock ports (incoming and/or outgoing). This means that PeerBlock will not filter any connections from/to those ports. This can for example be used if you're running PeerBlock on a public FTP server, or if you want to ensure that outgoing SMTP mail communications are never blocked. Many thanks to night_stalker_z for his hard work on this feature!
First-run Update Message – When you first run PeerBlock after upgrading, you will see a notice explaining why lists are only updating once per week. Hopefully this will help to alleviate people's confusion about this.

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  1. Yes this is almost identical to Peer Gaurdian but is better because PG had some issues with its driver hanging when it was closed. ***** five of five stars

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