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Planner 1.9.14 setup

Planner full version with keygen download is a GTK+ application written in C and licensed under the GPLv2 or any later version. It can store its data in either xml files or in a postgresql database. Projects can also be printed to PDF or exported to HTML for easy viewing from any web browser. Planner 1.9.14 Full Version license code is a GTK+ application written in C and licensed under the GPLv2 or any later version. It can store its data in either xml files or in a postgresql database. Projects can also be printed to PDF or exported to HTML for easy viewing from any web browser. It does so by providing a simple interface to do your planning work

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The program was designed aiming to give you the possibility to see all the information in the same view and to interact with it efficiently with only a few clicks. You can see all the tasks and information of the present week. You can easily switch to the next task or to the previous one, allowing you to access it all in a fast way. The program offers you the possibility to see all the information filtered by various different criteria. Many chart types are available to allow you to analyze the information in a better way. The program has a complete online help available and a good installation wizard. The later simplifying the configuration and setup of the program.

It is also possible to view resource usage, along with name, task and a graphical representation of the number or hours or days the project is going to last. This program supports import from XML formats, while exporting can be done to HTML files. You can undo and redo actions, zoom in and out of charts, print projects directly from the main window, as well as preview the printing job in a Paint window. The calendar can be customized, along with day type (working, nonworking) and working time (e.g. from 8 a.m. to 17 p.m.).


  • Fast access to the information
  • Old version for demo is available only
  • Easy to use
  • Contains several task constraints – “start as soon as possible”, “start at fixed date”, “start no earlier then”, but … no “start no later then” constraint (or did I oversee something?). Puzzling…
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This utility splits your projects into tasks and resources, while also including a number of important information. For example, the first mentioned option include name, start and finish date, duration, costs, person assigned, notes, predecessors and completion status (expressed in percentages). Resources can refer to employees or materials, and you can input here details such as name, type, e-mail, costs, calendar and notes. The interface is simple and intuitive, enabling both novice and power users to easily work with Planner 1.9.14 Registration Code, without encountering issues. In addition to that, it is comprised of a navigation pane, so that you can easily toggle the overall Gantt chart, tasks and resources.

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version:

Fixed compilation with –with-database
Several warnings
Got rid of some deprecated code
Rewrote printing to use the GTK printing API, fixing most problems with printing on Windows
Added display of minutes to duration format
Added creation of Windows installer to Makefiles
Dropped support for libgda < 3.0
Added proper quoting to SQL code (168147, 571801)
Fixed alignment problems in HTML export (471218, 478027)
Fixed a crash in UNDO/REDO code (420443)
Fixed several issues with the build (528582, 528971, 529045, 539993)
New and updated translations

Planner 0.14.6 free full download, Planner 0.14.4 full

30 thoughts on “Planner 1.9.14 setup

  1. when I looked up the product on cnet, I found that there was another product that was completely free and unlimited, all present tense. After looking at it carefully, I’ll go with subliminal blaster instead. Price is right. Thanks cnet.

  2. Documentation/online help is still a little fuzzy. Obvious if you know the product (this version or earlier), but not necessarily if this is the first time you have used it.

  3. I bought TIH ’10 in ’09. I bought TIH ’11 Upgrade in Aug. It worked until I updated it. The update dumped both ’10 & ’11 license keys. I didn’t have the ’10 license key anymore so I had to pay $10 to get a new one. Resolution time: more than a month.

  4. Yes, it will want you to buy the pay version. There is no need to do that, the free version is just fine.

  5. I have installed, uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted. The program will not even start. The Welcome screen window opens and then hangs up, just a White Space.

  6. I found connecting different hydraulic lines difficult to accomplish. The tutorial was able to help me navigate the program.

  7. it automatically downloaded a “cleaner” software without my consent. I an very careful and did the custom download to avoid unwanted software and bookmarks and it still did it

  8. Once I updated to 1.61, problems started. slowed down my computer. I ran a check & it said it found 2 holes. I looked to see what it wanted to download and it was all crazy. looked like asian writing.

  9. I can’t see spread pages like I want, i.e, in a eight pages publication, for instance, I can’t see the pages 4 & 5 side by side, as in the early version..

  10. LEAD products are user-friendly, easy to use. It can create marvelous result to attract the clients for their pro needs. Thanks the LEAD team.

  11. I didn’t take the time to figure it out. Might be an alright program, But wasn’t what I was looking for.

  12. Not free as stated but it is a small price to pay to know that all your hard drives are working as they should….Warning bleep become very annoying, no way to turn it off!!!!

  13. I downloaded Adobe Reader DC from the which installed it on my Windows 10 desktop PC. It will not open the program or a PDF. Best solution I found on the various forums was to change the security setting in the Adobe Reader preferences. But how can I do that when the program doesn’t even open?

  14. Not 100% accurate – however I think this is due to the nature of DWF’s not being vector – so possibly not a fault of the software (research required into this)

  15. slows my computer down and at startup it says press f11 key for about 30 seconds ,it was that bad i have taken it off my computer
    and i will wait untill acronis have sorted it out properly before i install it again , i ended up re-installing windows from fresh again

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