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PowerArchiver 19.00.58 serial code

  • Encrypt files.
  • Convert files to ZIP, 7-ZIP, CAB, LHA, BH, TAR.
  • Massive file creation.
  • Repair damaged ZIP files.
  • Create self-extracting files.
Compress files, extract archive content and compile ISO images Compress files and extract archive content, connect to cloud storage accounts and FTP servers, compile ISO images and burn files to discs and more

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PowerArchiver full is a proprietary file archiver for Microsoft Windows. It supports full read-write access to several different archive formats, including ZIP, 7z and Tar. Additionally, read-only (decompression) support includes RAR, ACE and various disk image formats. Superior ZIP support, unmatched security, and it's now faster than ever! Professional Edition adds CD and DVD burning, FTP client, the ability to create and mount ISO images, as well as added Backup features.

  • Full Windows 7/8 Support, UAC and VSS
  • Most Advanced ZIP/ZIPX Engine
  • 7-Zip Compression
  • Superior RAR support – including 5.x format
  • Multiple Formats Support Including ISO
  • Unmatched Security and FIPS 140.2 certification
  • Preview Window
  • Queue System (Add/Extract/Backup) and Power Archiver Starter
  • Guaranteed Compatibility and Explorer Integration
  • Compression Profiles
  • Patchbeam 2 second update system
  • Useful Tools (Convert Tool, Encode Tool, Repair Tool, Write/Merge Multivolume Tools, Batch ZIP Tool, Multi-Extract Tool, SFX Tool)
Download PowerArchiver Full Version serial code – Compress files and extract archive content, connect to cloud storage accounts and FTP servers, compile ISO images and burn files to discs and more PowerArchiver 19.00.58 full version with crack and keygen is a complete tool to compress files. Download PowerArchiver 19.00 Registration Code for free and you will be able to encrypt files and convert their format


  • Offers support for over 60 compression file formats
  • Has FIPS 140-2 validated encryption built in
  • Uses high amount of system resources
  • Has many skin themes
  • Has a reasonable price
PowerArchiver keys

With the amount of compression tools available on the market nowadays, the choice mostly relies on your priorities: speedy compression and extraction, small archives after compression, or extra tools to enhance the program's functionality. PowerArchiver full version crack has a bit of everything and stands out in the crowd thanks to its rich set of features. The interface mostly contains elements you find in any common archiver. Before you run it the first time, you can choose whether to enable advanced options or not, but this preference can be later modified.

System Requirement:

  • 150 MB for the program files plus some additional space for backup files (minimal)
  • Multicore processor recommended for best speed
  • Windows Server 2016, Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows Server 2012, Windows 2008 32/64 bit, Windows 2003, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit, Windows 98, Windows 8, Windows 2012, Windows 2000, Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 10, Windows Vista, Vista
  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish
  • Homepage: www.powerarchiver.com
  • Author ConeXware, Inc.
  • Last version 19.00.58

What’s new in last version:

We are pleased to announce immediate availability of PowerArchiver 2021 20.00.32.
Major addition to build 32 is ZSTD codec for ZIP format, and now our users can enjoy full compatibility with ZIPX archives created by WinZip 24. ZSTD is one of the new generation codecs, also present in .PA format for a long time, that is stronger and faster than deflate when compressing. One of the major features of ZSTD is super fast decompression that goes up to 1600 MBs, or 4x faster than standard ZIP deflate codec. Of course, we always recommend using our own PA format where you will gain even more speed and security compared to the ZIP.
ZIP/ZIPX added ZSTD – With this build, we added ZSTD codec support into the ZIP/ZIPX engine.
ZIP: Optimized Fast mode improved – Added ZSTD to intelligent Optimized Fast mode.
Improved Preview window behavior – Improved preview window with pin (hide) and close buttons now available.

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24 thoughts on “PowerArchiver 19.00.58 serial code

  1. corrupt win XP SP3 either config.sys or ntfs.sys every morning. Reload Window XP and upgarde to IE8 then the computer works for the rest of the day.

  2. Resorce hog, crashes PC, and ok if using IE on the other PC but use Firefox and i am there for 10 minutes trying to close the program and its using 100% CPU power.

  3. Scince the Spyware scan is so fast it only scans a few files and is not that trustable, but you surely may have another Anti-Spyware protection, I highly recommend Windows Defender.

  4. …When it finished, I clicked x to close, and it got an illegal operation! Not only that, but it wouldn’t quit when I clicked Ok!! Not only that, I had to Push the Button to shut down!!!

  5. I thought it would let me scan multiple pages to PDF files but they limit you on the free trial version to only scanning one page at a time. In other words, it you have ten pages to scan to PDF, you have to do scan each page one at a time….so you end up with ten seperate PDF files. Will take you a long time! Plus this free version installs a ton of files on your computer and when I did the unistall, it took quite awhile because of the number of files.

  6. Did not like the fact that you can not use decimals. All dollar amounts must be rounded off…which seems strange for a “Money/Budget” app. Also can not resize window.

  7. Do you own stock in a CD company since this doesn’t record to DVD’s unless you have some other software like Ahead InCD or Roxio DirectCD. You have to format the DVD first then back up. The other option is to back up to a hard drive then use another program to burn to a DVD. But then, when you use the Acronis emergency boot disk, it won’t read the DVD’s. What a disappointment especially after the great review by CNET.

  8. Completely stinks. Never got it to capture a single thing. I use a Mac keyboard with my PC and this program promises to solve the “no PrtScr key” but it does not! Terrible Terrible Terrible!!!

  9. Transfer to removable media at your own risk (and by the seat of your pants). It would have been so easy to provide a step-by-step guide, but instead, there are huge holes in the skimpy user’guide. While the program says it allows for backup to CD’s, it fails to tell you how to do it. After trial and eror, I discovered the method (after verifying that the images I had made to disk were good and before transferring the images to CD) and breezed through 22 CD’s in something over an hour plus, with the program nicely prompting me when to remove and put in the next blank CD etc., only to find after I had completed the whole process, that all of the CD files were corrupted. Whoever wrote the manual should bo back to shipping and receiving or wherever they found him.

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