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PowerPoint Slide Show Converter 3.04 full download

Special features were light on this simple program. Highlights include an option for creating an autorun file for burning the file onto a CD and a handy preview button that lets you see the program before converting it. The 30-day trial period is plenty of time to navigate the program. While we were pleased with the Simple Mode, we were disappointed with the Special Mode option and would only recommend this download for those with very basic needs for PowerPoint slides.

PowerPoint Slide Show Converter full download

Does not require to have Microsoft PowerPoint installed, but if you do have Microsoft PowerPoint, you are able to use the Enhanced Mode which gives you additional possibilities. The Enhanced Mode conversion is a one-way process, the source .PPT file cannot be restored from the converted .exe file, so PowerPoint Slide Show Converter 3.04 serial keys is also useful to protect PowerPoint presentations from unauthorized editing. PowerPoint Slide Show Converter Full Version Activation Key is a program for converting PowerPoint presentations into executable files. In a nutshell, by using this application you will obtain an .exe file that can be played on any computer running Windows 2000 (SP4+), XP, Vista, and 7, even without Microsoft PowerPoint installed. A side benefit of this is that the distributed presentations cannot be modified, so no one will be able to profit from your work.

Special Mode allows for greater flexibility, by providing opportunities to add custom features to the PowerPoint file such as changing the timing and adding sound. However, we were told we needed Microsoft PowerPoint to operate Special Mode, even though the description says we can run a slideshow without additional programs. Fortunately, Simple mode converted our presentation into a simple slideshow that could also be used as a screen saver and performed its duty quickly, easily, and intuitively.


  • It does a nice job
  • Includes help file
  • Features two conversion modes
  • It offers some interesting options to enhance your self-executable presentations
  • Special mode requires PowerPoint
  • None
  • Very easy to use
  • This PPTX Converter can not only convert pptx to ppt but also convert pptx to flash files such as swf and flv. Then you can upload these video to YouTube, your Blog, your Space, and other websites to share with.With the PPTX Converter, you can create PDF file from documents including ppt, pptx, pptm. PPTX Converter can convert PPTX to JPEG image file and convert PPTX slide to JPG picture file. It is the best PPTX converter, which is both powerful and easy to use.
  • Easy to install and use to convert PowerPoint Presentation to .exe file. Best used on presentations that do not have any sounds or music.
PowerPoint Slide Show Converter setup

On the other hand, the “Special Mode” also gives you the possibility to add soundtrack and optimize the output file, but again things remain very simple and easy to use. And in case you still need assistance on one of its features, a help file is always there to answer your questions, but the amount of information is fairly limited. PowerPoint Slide Show Converter 3.04 with serial keys completes the conversion process very fast without hampering system performance, but things may change just a little bit when working with larger files.

System Requirement:

  • Special mode requires Microsoft PowerPoint to be installed
  • Windows All
  • Homepage: www.regnow.com
  • Author DzSoft Ltd
  • Last version 3.04

All I want to know is whether or not PowerPoint Show Converter will allow me to create executable files from files created in PowerPoint (Office for Mac 2011). The files are PowerPoint presentations, synchronized with music inserted in them. Can someone give me a simple “yes” or “no”?

Yes, according to the official description provided by the developer on its website, the application is used to convert PowerPoint files to EXE format. You have the possibility to test the application from the official website. Access the website and download the demo then load a PowerPoint presentation file and begin the conversion.

I have PowerPoint files with embedded music (MP3 files inserted), that I created on a MacBook Pro. I want to create executable files that run on the Mac, with the music embedded. Will this software do that for me?

No, the software can’t create executable files that you can use on your MacBook Pro since the output format is EXE. It is a default format for Windows applications. This means that if you convert it to EXE, the files will not be compatible with Apple’s MAC OS X installed on your MacBook.

What’s new in last version:

Maintenance release.
Improved visual appearance.
Platform update
Improved appearance in high-DPI.
Trial mode related changes.
Special Mode slide show improved.
Platform update.
PowerPoint 2007 file format support improvements.

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