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Download PrintKey-Pro full version setup – Capture the desktop with ease PrintKey-Pro Activation Code is a screen capture utility for Windows. It allows you to take screenshots of any part of your screen and save them to a picture file. The application makes use of hotkeys to activate the few capture modes that are available. Like most other applications of this type, PrintKey-Pro full version with keygen download free can capture the entirety of the screen, a rectangular area, or an active window.

PrintKey-Pro full version setup

A simple to use screen capture program with graphic editor for Windows Vista, XP, and Windows7. Capture screen with the press of the Print Scrn key or any other key you configure. Adjust the captured picture’s brightness, contrast, color balance, size, color invert, or convert to grayscale or black and white. Edit using an image editor of your choice and print or save in multiple formats such as JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIF and PCX. All PrintKey (1997-2000) and PrintKey-Pro Full Version Activator (2000-2011) screen capture programs are the intellectual property of program developer Alfred Bolliger.

Capture the desktop with ease PrintKey-Pro 1.05 with serial keys is a screen capture utility for Windows PrintKey-Pro 1.05 Full Version Activator is a program designed to be able to take screenshots in the most comfortable and direct manner. The application allows us to assign the keyboard shortcut of your choice to take an image of what appears on your screen and apply small enhancements to those photographs that you have taken.   The application offers the option to save the generated files in JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIF and PCX, thus in this way covering the most used formats.


  • Easy to configure a hot key
  • Customizable hot keys
  • Built-in editor
  • Couldn’t bypass the image editor to save the files directly to the hard drive
  • One-click screen capture
  • Quick
  • none none.
  • It works. Lots of functionality for changing brightness, color and size of graphic.
  • I recommend the programyou will be amazed how easy it is to use
  • cheap, worth the price. have been using it for many years. very satisfied!!! many options that are automatic after you set them. great prompt support. Updated on Jan 24, 2011
PrintKey-Pro Full Version Registration Code

You can access the aforementioned modes by using the assigned hotkeys or by right-clicking on the application’s icon on the system tray area. A menu will pop-up and you can choose the mode that fits your needs best. Whenever you activate one of the modes, your screenshot will be taken and opened in a built-in image editor, where you can touch it up a bit. Although the editor is very basic, there are about 20 edition operations that you can easily carry out, like changing resolution, modifying brightness, contrast and saturation, zooming in and rotating, etc.

System Requirement:

Will the current version work with Windows 8.1? I used an old version for years but it stopped working with Windows 8. Thanks for the info.

No, the software will not work with Windows 8.1 because it’s not compatible with it. According to the official information the software can be installed in the following Windows versions: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003,Vista and will also work with Dos windows. There is no information about Windows 8.1. However, download the package and run it as Administrator or change its compatibility from Properties > Compatibility > Windows 7 after you right click it.

What’s new in last version:

Support for NT, Win95, Win98 and WinME is removed.
User interface look and feel of XP and Vista.
Cosmetic window and menu changes.
Package and executable digitally signed.
Help Menu revisions.
Multiple image bug corrected.
Inverse colors corrected.
Substitute colors bug corrected.
Short Date Format can be used in registering program.
Fixed the bottom border space printing bug.
Fixed Standard Editing bug.
Fixed printing problems with some HP Laser printers.
Fixed Direct print bug with the clipboard.
Fixed Save picture bug with the clipboard.

Printkey-Pro 1.05 registeration keys

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  1. My computer crashed 3 times. Each time, Ares forced me to buy a new membership and would not recognize payments made for “lifetime” membership. Now, they’ve changed, so that mostly, all you can download is an advertisement, telling you to pay $10/month in order to NOT download advertisements. Their top leadership stinks as they lied about lifetime membership. And, their tech support/customer relations people also stink, as they will not reestablish your “lifetime” membership if something happens and you cannot reconnect to Ares. Instead, they force you to buy the program again and again and again and again. They all stink and their program used to be good, but now it is as worthless as the people running the business. A pox on this program and its managers, staff and employees. Worthless – all of them!

  2. Notice the two user (amanda-wu and SariClause) who gave 5 stars ONLY reviewed this company’s products and of course gave 5 stars. They are fake accounts giving fake reviews. I’m sure after they read this they will review several other products…

  3. had to google many of the items that could be blocked on Turbo Boost to see what the consequence might be(probably my own ignorance) It would be nice to have a hoover blurb to clue me in on these.

  4. Clunky UI. Select one set of dupes in one path, then click another path and the first one de-selects.

    I wanted to compare one folder of files from an old thumbdrive against everything on my PC no matter what folder it may be in, compare and let me choose what to delete.

  5. Downloaded and installed this software the other day and immediately my system started having problems. Was unable to do an uninstall on the software. Tried to uninstall the software and was unable to. Avast detected a virus in the .exe

  6. Cannot get it to work anymore, and contacting their Customer Service was a futile endeavor. Told them I wasn’t very computer savvy, but their “Help” reply was still totally unusable.

  7. Doesn’t consistently highlight duplicates in the same file structure. So say you have a drive with # folders, A, B, and C, and duplicate files across each. Sometimes the file that’s highlighted for duplication is in Folder A, other times it’s B, or C. So, it takes care of your dupes, but you’re not left with a sound file structure. This wasn’t a huge deal for me, I really just needed to free up the space, and rearrange later.

  8. Installer also installs 2 programs that you don’t want. And it is made quite (deliberately…?) confusing to make sure that you accidentally agree.

  9. It takes up close to 9 meg of RAM for a program that should take up a third of that. One has to wonder what it’s doing in the background.

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