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ProjectLibre 1.8.0 pre-Activated

    ProjectLibre Activation Key key features:
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Project
  • Gantt Chart
  • Network Diagram
  • WBS/RBS charts
  • Earned Value Costing
  • Resource Histograms
Performs scheduling and cost estimation for projects
  • Intuitive Ribbon-style interface.
  • Project management, by means of the creation of tasks and subtasks to which specific times and resources can be assigned.
  • Possibility to establish dependencies between the different tasks.
  • View Gantt charts on which we can see the time planned for each task.
  • Representation of basic PERT charts to establish relationships between different tasks.
  • Save projects in POD, XML and PDF format.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Project.

ProjectLibre Activation Key

The program’s interface is decent, though the toolbars are badly delimited and some action icons are poorly crafted. Also, the text fonts could’ve been better chosen. Some of the most important features of ProjectLibre 1.8.0 full version patch are: Gantt Chart, Network Diagram, WBS/RBS charts, Earned Value Costing, and Resource Histograms. The Gantt Chart offers a detailed view of the project allowing users to see all the interactions between activities. This way, the schedule status is being displayed to the users. With the Network feature, every task can be organized in a specific table with the possibility to display information regarding duration, start, or finish date. Their dependencies can also be viewed. Moreover, the program supports the existing Primavera and Microsoft files, and the projects can easily be printed in PDF format and shared within a group. In conclusion, despite not having one of the greatest interfaces, and the fact that when exporting data the performance is quite low, ProjectLibre Activation Key is still a useful and decent alternative to Microsoft Project.

ProjectLibre 1.8.0 pin is a comprehensive and practical software solution worth having when you need to create and edit tasks effortlessly, then assign each one to various members. The application allows you to quickly manage and control each project and its tasks in an intuitive environment by viewing the start and the finish dates of the terminal and summary elements of a project. When you run the program for the first time, you can select the project status and the expense type you are interested in. Then, you can view basic information about the baseline duration and the actual cost of the project. Simply add as many tasks as you want, then change the view option to Gantt, Network, WBS or Task Usage. Irrespective of which view you choose to analyze the project with, ProjectLibre 1.8.0 key displays all the requested information in an organized manner.


  • Poorly crafted action icons
  • Has low exporting data performance
  • Displays information regarding duration, start, or finish date
  • Shows all the interactions between activities
  • Supports Primavera and Microsoft files
ProjectLibre Registration Code

Open Source project management tool
Download ProjectLibre 1.8.0 full setup – A useful project solution whose main purpose is to help users who need to quickly plan and schedule new projects, costs and tasks ProjectLibre 1.8.0 full version crack is a Java-based project management solution that gives Microsoft Project a run for its… ProjectLibre full version with keygen download allows us to manage projects, assigning time and resources to each task. Download ProjectLibre 1.8.0 Activation Key for free as an alternative to Microsoft Project

System Requirement:

  • Java 6 or later
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Language English
  • Homepage:
  • Author Projity Incorporated
  • Last version 1.8.0

What’s new in last version:

Compatibility with Microsoft Project 2010
User Interface improvement
Printing (does not allow printing)
Bug fixes
Compatibility with Microsoft Project 2010, 2013, 2016
Major bug fixes and more
The major improvements includes:
New Ribbon User Interface
Printing feature (wow, how was that not available)
Major bug fixes & more

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39 thoughts on “ProjectLibre 1.8.0 pre-Activated

  1. Would like a column for file date (modified? created?) to be able to easily identify new files. Sorting by publisher would also be useful, but hard to do in a tree structure.

  2. Acoo Browser 1.43 build 662 did not work as well as build 1.42, for me, anyway. Upgrade if you want to, but on my pc it was slower, crashed a couple times, and had other bugs, kind of like the problems ie 7 beta 2 is having.

  3. I tried to use the html template function and edit with dreamweaver or expressions, but I didn’t have much success. No vertical nav menu.

  4. Although it will do a backup, be forewarned that it will NOT back up your Autotext if you had an older version of the OS).
    Also, it will not sync with Outlook at all, which is pretty frustrating since I use my Outlook contacts and calendars at my desk, and now I have to enter everything twice.

  5. I am looking for client write-up software. Still using ACE last supported in 2001. It has been the best, and I am still using, but I will have to change at some point.

  6. After a few days’ use, I began getting a slowly growing number of ‘ghost’ or ‘phantom’ messages (i.e. DELETED messages still showing there, as well in the ‘Smart Folders’ as in accounts’ Trash & Junk folders). A check showed that they were NO MORE in the servers’ folders: so, IMHO, the bug should be in the client.

  7. Does not fully work, gives error messages without explanation. The email addresses for the “support centre” and the company are not valid.

  8. There are versions newer than this and the only reason you are FORCED to download this is so you don’t “cheat” when printing coupons.

  9. – With all of the tabs and very little specific documentation, using Autoruns can be intimidating to use, especially if you don’t know what programs and processes are what.

  10. Nothing absolutely nothing i love this product and it’s so much easier to use then any other program out there.

  11. I bought this product counted on reliable product. I produced web site, but some pages didn’t work with another browsers – Firefox, Netscape etc. I contacted company, but they refused to resolve it. The HTML code is OK, but generated java scripts are unreliable

  12. Cannot retrieve photo’s on this software… lost pictures unless I purchase the package? Even then not sure if I’ll loose pictures.

  13. It wouldn’t do a thing. I tried all day and all it would do is freeze and crash before finnishing even one file!

  14. It may tell you more information than you know what to do with! But that’s not a complaint.

  15. Doesn’t work, at least with Service Pack 2. NeSoft has been trying for two months to fix bugs. They charged my credit card right away but refuse to refund to a credit card. Instead, they say “Refund is a very long process. You should send a letter by ordinary mail to Russia.”

  16. Dreamweaver is a bit pricey for the average user. Probably does not make sense to buy this product unless you make a decent amount of money from making websites.

  17. Takes hours to remove the junk. When I was using it, surfing through all the program’s it has,a virus tryed to attack my computer!!! Be cautious!

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