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The default installation of the program only includes a single MP3 file but you can extend the database by downloading the others from the

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Download QuranReciter 4.1 serial keys – Enjoy the Quaran with the help of this streamlined and easy to use tool that both recites and translates the Quaran with no more than a few mouse clicks QuranReciter Full Version license code is an MP3 player designed to help you study the Quran by listening verses and recitations. It is an useful tool for learning the Quran surah translated in multiple languages without having permanent Internet access. The program features a simple interface that allows you to select the surah that you want to listen and control the playback. You can also jump to the next verse from the current MP3 file by using the top toolbar or the keyboard shortcuts.

QuranReciter 4.1 keys is a free Quran Software with complete Quran Audio, Arabic text, Word by Word meaning, 3 different translations and memorisation options. Features – Arabic Quran display in Uthmanic script. – Complete Quran Audio – More than 10 English translations. – Can optionally install translations in number of other world languages. – Complete Quran word by word meaning. – 10 band equalizer. – Supports 5 different layouts, each layout can have its own translations, colors, window positions etc. Easy switching between layouts using short cut keys.


  • Quick downloading
  • Useful for Muslims and scholars
  • Free
  • You need to download additional modules to have the entire Quran
QuranReciter Full Version Serial Key

The program features audio-style buttons to play, pause, stop, rewind and forward the track. Once you click on Play, the program will start the audio of the recitation synchronized with the text panels. The application also lets you set a given interval to be played. For example, you can set it to start from verse 1 to 20 of the third Surah, and so on. The core program includes only the Fathiha Surah. If you want to have all of the Surahs, then you can download them from the developer’s website, These additional modules are free too. Also, there are free extra modules featuring the translation of the Quran into diffferent languages. If you are a devote Muslim or are interested in Islam and its sacred text, then this module will be useful for you. Enjoy the Quaran with the help of this streamlined and easy to use tool that both recites and translates the Quaran with no more than a few mouse clicks Quran learning software with audio, word by word meaning and translations

System Requirement:

I already have audio files containing the Quran and each chapter is a separate MP3 file. Can I use these files with the QuranReciter? Do they have to be organized in a special way?

Yes, you should be able to use the files that you already have with QuranReciter, but you’ll probably need to rename them so that they are played in order. Just place the corresponding chapter number in front of each name and make sure that they are the only audio files in that folder. Next, select the folder where the files are from QurnaReciter’s interface and you should be good to go.

Only Surah No. 1 plays. When I try to play something else it gives a message about a missing file. What should I do?

If you receive a missing MP3 error, it means that you are trying to play a file that actually does not exist. You need to either re-install the software or download the MP3 files and place them in their correct folders.

What’s new in last version:

Added word by word meaning display in English for complete Arabic Quran(previously only in Amma Juz)
Arabic display is now text based instead of images. So Arabic text is now resizable.
Complete redesign of interface to have windows like minimize, maximize button. Also added menu bar.
Layouts : remember upto 5 different layouts, each having its own window positions, translation sets, colors and font size.
Added online help explaining how to use.
Fixed bug in verse mode(little portion of next verse was getting recited)
Added more onscreen help text
10 band equalizer added
Option to save set of verse (Range) as MP3
Interfaces changes, new default colors.
Now runnable from CD or flash drive without installation

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  1. Wanted to write that True Image does not support direct DVD-writing, but have noticed on their site that a new update fixed this inconvenience. However, I have not tried it yet.

  2. Occasionally produces false alarms, e.g. thinks the installation files of ‘Pop Tray 3.2’ and ‘Phonostar Player 2.01.05’ are trojans.

  3. The reason it does not run, it’s a 16-bit program, and they do not run on modern 64-bit versions of Windows.

  4. Too many programs, including a McAffee scanner and Adobe Air, both of which I didn’t ask for and I have no control over. Updater that runs constantly by default. Huge footprint on the drive. All I want to do is read an occasional PDF.

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