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RidNacs 2.0.3 Full Version Free Crack

Just like your car, it’s important to keep your computer tuned up to ensure that it runs at its best. Regularly removing old and unnecessary files is crucial, and RidNacs 2.0.3 Full Version Registered aims to help you with this task by analyzing your PC’s disk space usage. Unfortunately, its lack of viable help and vague results left a lot to be desired. We appreciate the program’s clean user interface. It consists of a small window with commands at the top for choosing directories to analyze and a blank panel for displaying results. But upon closer inspection, we found its menu items and commands a bit vague.

RidNacs with serial keys

RidNacs 2.0.3 full version with keygen download free is a very fast disk space usage analyzer. It scans your local drives, network drives, or single directories and represents the result of the analysis clearly in a tree view with a percentage bar. This gives the user a quick and easy way to identify the largest directories and it’s very useful for cleaning up the disk. An intuitive and useful piece of software designed to allow you to scan folders, drives, removable disks or network locations in order to get a disk-space report

RidNacs 2.0.3 cracked is a very fast disk space usage analyzer. It scans your local drives, network drives, or single directories and represents the result of the analysis clearly in a tree view with a percentage bar. This gives the user a quick and easy way to identify the largest directories and it’s very useful for cleaning up the disk. RidNacs Full Version Free Download is a very fast disk space usage analyzer for Microsoft Windows.

Handy utility

To summarize, RidNacs 2.0.3 with keygen is an useful and efficient piece of software tailored to help you scan folders or drives, and to identify the files or directories that occupy the most disk space, in order to clean up the obsolete files.


  • This program alows you to see your usage of your hard drive like when you go to properties on your hard drive!
  • None. Best tool for disk space analysis.
  • Perfect!
  • haven’t found any yet.
  • It is a very useful utility when you are trying to figure out where all that disk space is going.
  • I had used folder size but going to Vista that wasn’t an option. I searched and searched and finally stumbled upon Ridnacs and it was just what i was looking for. Very useful.
RidNacs free

RidNacs 2.0.3 free is a small utility designed for performing quick disk space analysis, in order to identify the largest files on your drives.

Basic interface

Being a simple program with a minimal number of functions, the user interface is also uncomplicated and easy to figure out even by inexperienced users. You can personalize the look of RidNacs 2.0.3 Full Version Free Crack by changing the percentage bar style to one of the nine lively-colored designs. Another customization that can be made to the program is the rounding rule for file size.

Quick scan process

RidNacs 2.0.3 Full Version license code allows you to select a local folder, an entire drive, a removable disk or even a network location, which you can scan in order to get a detailed list with all the files sorted by size. You can reorder the result list by the number of files contained, their size or by the percent of disk-space they take. This is a useful feature in case you need to identify the large files in order to clean up your hard-disk. If you find yourself needing to scan the same folder many times, you can add it to the favorites list, so you can quickly select it the next time. In case a scan takes too long or you just do not want it to be performed anymore, you can stop the process at any time, and also you can restart it when you want to.

Easily save the results to disk

After you finished the scan, you have the option to save the results to the local drive in various formats, such as CSV, TXT, XML or HTML. This will allow you to print the results or compare them with future scans, in order to identify what changes occurred to the scanned drives.

System Requirement:

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  1. I don’t think all of the images were saved unfortunately and a lot of the images were only half saved half corrupt still. Also, to retrieve ANY of your images you HAVE to purchase a license key at $19.95, worth it if really want your files back!

  2. When running my virus scan it found a generic dropper.ii (trojan) as part of the download installation.

  3. None really, The free service finds a lot of malware but to get the full benefit of the programme it is advisable to update to pro

  4. There are always some negative aspect of a software but for me it’s negligible and does not hamper on any of my needs.

  5. A little hard to learn but in time if you play around with it you should figure it out.

  6. This ‘thing’ is terrible, unstable, full of bugs and it is dangerous for your computer … So called software is piece of JUNK !

  7. Not much not to like being it is free. There are limits to what formats you can convert to with the free version vs. the upgrade paid for version.

  8. The only thing that is a negative is the learning curve is kinda steep in order to get real good at the game, but learning the game for me was rather enjoyable.

  9. Well, it’s the fact that you have to choose custom install if you don’t want the tenth toolbar installed and messing up your browser!!!

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