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If you grab online videos for a burgeoning collection, this Internet Explorer add-on is a handy tool for saving Flash files from Web sites. Save Flash 5.0 activated adds an unobtrusive button to your IE toolbar. We liked the way it alerted us to possible files for downloading: When the add-on detects the presence of a Flash file on the current Web page, the button is blue. When no Flash is available, the button is white with a black outline of the Save Flash Full Version Registration key icon.

Save Flash preactivated

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Save Flash 5.0 license Key is a lightweight, yet neat application with the help of which you can get ahold of flash elements included in certain web pages. It mostly proves its point by giving you quick access to items you want to include in your projects, saving you the effort of creating them yourself. Download Save Flash 5.0 crack – With the help of this lightweight but powerful software utility you can easily get ahold of flash games and animations from various web pages

Process multiple files at a time

Save Flash Free Download Activator also lets you search for flash files on a certain web page. After you are done searching you can choose to simultaneously download all files found, or only to download the ones that you have selected. This software has a very useful feature: it enables you to preview downloaded content, making sure necessary playback options are put at your disposal. Not only does it show the name of the file, but it also enables you to view information like URL, size, resolution and scale. In addition, the application gives you the possibility to take stanpshots of desired frames and save them as JPG files.


  • None
  • It´s easy to use, does what it´s supposed to do
  • After you install this program it changes all your internection connection.
  • I tried to get to the files it supposedly downloaded but they didnt exist. after running a virus scan trojans were found in the my_flash directory it created. I would be really irritated if I payed 20 dollars for a virus.
  • it is a waste of time, it installs lots of useless stuff on your computer and it is hard to uninstall it
  • Everything
  • This program change to unknown language and it affect your Internet Explorer.
Save Flash full version patch

Save Flash 5.0 Full Version Registration Code 4.1is a program to Save Flash 5.0 Activator Free Download movies to your disk. It allows you to save the whole page or the flash files separately. It even lets you to make screenshot from flash frames and save it as a graphic file. The program supports 13 different languages. You can Save Flash 5.0 Registration Code files right clicking on them, or using the provided IE Toolbar. Every now and then, you may want to download a flash video from a certain web page and use it in one of your projects or share it with your friends and family. To do that, you can choose to use Save Flash Activator Free Download application.

System Requirement:

  • Internet Explorer 5.0 and later (some features are available only with Internet Explorer 6.0 and later)
  • Windows All
  • Homepage:
  • Author Pilot Group Ltd
  • Last version 5.0

I have Save Flash 4.3 that is registered. I tried (& did) save an swf file, however, it will not show up in any of the folders I saved it to. If I try to save it to a different folder again it says it is there. My other swf files files are shown & can be played.

The Save Flash application uses the cache of the browser to obtain the files. You need to increase the cache of those browsers and then restart the application. Eventually, clear the cache, visit the website and then use Save Flash to export the SWF files. If you have a low cache setting, the files will be overwritten by the new content and because of that you can’t find the SWF files as you normally should.

What’s new in last version:

update security
fix error
work with Vista
bug fixing
add german language

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