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Another awesome feature is the support for stenographic encryption, which allows users to hide text inside a picture. The encoding and decoding of the text are performed based on public and respectively, private keys that can be acquired from the developer for a fee. Last, but not least, the software provides the ability to upload the edited screenshots to a dedicated online service such as PhotoBucket, ImageShack, Flickr, etc, as well as to transfer the files to the cloud or to a FTP server. All things considered, Screen Block Grabber 5.0.3 For Pc Free Download is an interesting project that acts decently and carries out the job it was built for. It benefits from a wise selection of effects, hotkey support and a steganography feature for hiding messages into images.

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Screen Block Grabber 5.0.3 activated is a snipping tool that also packs a bunch of extra goodies to enhance the whole screenshot taking process. As compared to other similar apps, Screen Block Grabber 5.0.3 with keygen comes with a resizable window that needs to be moved around the screen in order to capture the covered area. On the other hand, once a new snapshot is made, the photo is automatically loaded in the main window of the application where you can apply a series of filters and perform basic editing tasks. There are several image effects at your disposal, including sepia, purple haze, negative, posterize, solarize, relief, emboss, gold and farmville. What’s more, the Oil Painting Lab can assist you in applying even more interesting filters such as blur and edge detection. Subsequently, you can resize the pictures according to user-defined settings.

Screen Block Grabber 5.0.3 free is a free screen capture utility that allows you to define the area of the screen that will be captured, to apply more than a dozen different digital effects to your screenshots, and to upload them to the image hosting service of your choice. The process is simple and efficient, making this tool suitable for all types of users. The screen capture process is fairly straightforward and extremely flexible. Instead of just taking a shot of your screen automatically, Screen Block Grabber 5.0.3 reg keys will open a window (following the dimensions you defined beforehand) and will let you move it around your desktop until it frames the exact “block” you need to “grab”. The size of the frame can be changed just as easily as you change the dimensions of a standard window – just pull or push any of its sides or corners until it fits the area to capture.


  • Image effects allow for customization
  • Simple functionality
  • Interesting choice of special effects
  • None
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It enables you to take a screenshot with predefined dimensions Download Screen Block Grabber full version patch – Easy to use screen capture tool that provides a wide array of effects, hotkey support and the possibility to upload the pictures to the cloud or to a specialized image hosting service Screen Block Grabber 5.0.3 For Windows Download benefits from hotkey support with the possibility to capture desktop activity in three different modes: the visible desktop of the primary monitor (Printscreen key), the active window (Alt+Printscreen) or the client area of the active window (Ctrl+Printscreen).

System Requirement:

  • DISPLAY: 24-bit or better color depth
  • Windows 2003, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP, Windows 2K
  • Homepage:
  • Author Don Rowlett
  • Last version 5.0.3

What’s new in last version:

Included a registry fix for mspaint.exe
Updated help file
Four speed buttons for small images (see help file)
Improved appearance for Aero
Updated help file to reflect changes
Scripting enhancements
Improved error handling
Minor code refactoring
Hotkey support (see help file for operation details)
Only one instance of SBG can run
Fixed an unreported bug that produced a 32-bit bitmap
Fixed an unreported bug that prevented closing SBG.
Oil Painting Lab: Emboss, Laplacian, and Sobel Edge
Fixed an unreported bug in image effects
Improved Oil Painting Lab.
Removed Gaussian Blur.

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  1. used DVD cloner 8. Skips back to the start. DVD starts; the main film missing the first minute. unable to fast forward or reverse properly; The “don’t copy adverts” feature doesn’t work at all. Poor quality images, missing parts.

  2. Doesn’t work to keep all the Malware off your computer. I have tested this for over a year an my old laptop got fried because of this program.

  3. i really do not have any other than they will install a tool bar and default home page/ but if you actually read as you install it you can tell the install to not ad tool bar or home page. some people just click away without reading then they end up with the tool bar and home page. but if you read as you install you can stop all that.

  4. I dont know what happends on my win8.1 …when using ADW,,,, it gets stuck–saying file do not answer..and i am unable to remove or do anything, I simple had to reset my PC back to original startup settings to get it “normal” again

  5. database sometimes fails to load(can still load the game file) and save state function doesn’t work.

  6. The ONLY reason I used a converter at all was to burn subtitles into film/video.
    I had the OLD VERSION of this product for over 3 years, and accidentally deleted it.
    This is the only version I can now find and it DOES NOT offer option to “Burn” subtitles into film or video anymore. I cannot find the older version anywhere so I won’t be using this product anymore as it no longer serves it’s purpose for me.

  7. It actually does what every other cleaner would do, only its faster and I kinda like the concept of telling you how much of it is there and when it’s red that means your poor computer is in trouble and you need to do something about it. Its a nice touch. It also has a defragmenter so that’s a double application right there.

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