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Whether you want to put shortcut icons on the desktop, register controls or customize the Wizard interface, it’s all just a few clicks away. Don’t be fooled by the affordable pricing – it’s the installer builder of choice for thousands of smart software developers. Features and Highlights Easy To Use. No Training Needed Even without prior experience or training you can create your first custom installer in just a few minutes. Download the free trial version to see how easy it is to start working with the program. No other setup creator makes it easier to design and build custom Windows installers. Trusted Since Windows 3!

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The resulting installer package can be exported as a single executable file or split to fit the capacity of a disquette, a CD, a DVD or any other user-defined size. Likewise, this tool allows you to plan various actions that can be triggered by startup, pre-install, post-install and shutdown events. Compared with other similar tools, Setup Factory 9.5.3 Full Version Activation Code has the main advantage of being simpler to use. However, this is at the expense of being less sophisticated, because the tool does not allow configuring databases, designing your own interfaces, opening projects right from the IDE, to mention but a few limitations.

Download Setup Factory precracked – A powerful application that will enable you to create professional-grade installers for your software packages with minimal efforts Setup Factory license Key is the trusted and reliable way to make software installers for your Windows software applications. Unlike other installer builders that require week-long training courses in order to get up to speed, Setup Factory full version with keygen download was designed to be fast and easy to use. Simply drag and drop your files onto the project window and you’re ready to build.


  • Lets you specify the required dependencies
  • You cannot open projects right from the IDE
  • You cannot use it to design your own installer interfaces
  • Creates installer packages of different sizes
  • Does not support setting java runtime libraries as required dependencies
  • Like I said, this product is the only one we’ve found that gives us the total flexibility of the old WISE system. But WISE was just point and shoot and pick actions from a menu. This system requires you to manually create every line – and every line has to be perfect. what took two or three hours with WISE took us two or three DAYS with this system. The end result looked beautiful and worked flawlessly and was very robust, but a couple of programmers had nervous breakdowns trying to deal with its extremely demanding script language, and its very arduous interface. Example… you want to script a dialog screen … you can’t have that dialog screen open to look at it and make changes while you’re scripting it. You can’t even see the control names while you’re scripting it. You have to close it, open the editor. Then close the editor, open the screen. Its back and forth, back and forth. I’m sure LUA s just great for many things but there is absolutely no reason to have a case sensitive language in an install system. Its overkill. For example Debug.Print will work, but Debug.print will not. Every single one of the hundreds of keywords has to be just right. Ultimately, if you have LOTS of time and the patience, it’s a very flexible, very powerful system at a great price.
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Setup Factory 9.5.3 license code is a rock-solid, reliable install creator for Windows PC applications. Unlike other Windows installer builder tools like InstallShield that require lengthy training courses just to get up to speed, Setup Factory with crack was designed to be fast and easy to use. Join the thousands of developers who have chosen Setup Factory Full Version license code over Flexera InstallShield, Wise Installer and other Windows installer builders. Simply drag and drop your files onto the project window and you’re ready to build.

System Requirement:

  • Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • 256 MB RAM or greater
  • 19" monitor at 1152×864 or 21" monitor at 1280×1024 (1280×960 if supported by your video card)
  • High-performance video card
  • DirectX 8.1 or higher
  • Sound card
  • Mouse
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit, Windows 2K, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Homepage:
  • Author Indigo Rose Software
  • Last version 9.5.3

What’s new in last version:

NEW! Native 64-Bit Runtime:
As development of native 64-bit applications continue to grow, take comfort in the fact that Setup Factory has you covered for your distribution needs. Setup Factory now allows you to generate 64-bit setups in addition to 32-bit. Whether you have 64-bit applications ready to go, or just want to be prepared for the future, Setup Factory will be ready and waiting to make your life easier.
NEW! LZMA2 Data Compression:
With Setup Factory 9's improved LZMA data compression LZMA2, you'll see remarkably smaller installers as well as faster installation performance than ever before. Take advantage of the power of modern CPUs with its enhanced multithreading support. Compared to previous versions, our test results show up to 300% better compression performance and at least 20% faster installation speed. You'll be able to fit more on each CD/DVD (that’s a potentially huge manufacturing cost savings) and reduce your bandwidth for Internet distributed installers (that saves both you and your customers time and money). Additionally, customers will notice that your installers finish faster – and that means happier customers!

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37 thoughts on “Setup Factory 9.5.3 full

  1. Doesn’t work right we ran from USB stick, all disk backups get named “Disk Archive (?)” reguardless of what name you give each one. The only way to identify a backup is by the date and time.
    My 2012 product says tech support is expired as of 2012-01. I bought it before the first of the year but not a year ago. Only support offered is to charge me.

  2. SCAM. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS ‘SOFTWARE’. Others on here have said that this is just bad software when in fact it is malware that will take control of your computer and ruin its performance so that each time you ‘fix’ the issue with Auslogics you are tricked into thinking that Auslogics is the solution when in fact it is the problem.

  3. it’s just me, but i hate realtime protection beacuse no matter what program it is, the feature always uses a little more than i want to give.

  4. The newest download an unwanted toolbar and tried to download other unwanted software while installing.
    It also changed my homepage.

  5. Somehow it has cancelled out the exisiting version and now cannot use any PDF files ! Shame really very disappointed.

  6. The interface might mislead one to underestimate it’s functionality. Like all other software, it is not perfect but hey, it is free!

  7. You navigate all over the site and everything related to the site and NOTHING , ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is obvious or even gives you a clue where to click to download 1.2.443 update. This is so far from “user friendly” that I’m dropping ALL Adobe and just using The fre PDF reader!!

  8. The problem with this program is that it does not have an instruction manual. It has a help section but I find it hard to use. I still have not been able to set the program to my preferences.

  9. Can not use with Visual Studio 2008 SP1 as advertised. I contacted the developer and let them know there was a problem and there reply was they would “try to fix” the problem. And this is days after contacting them.

  10. Do not like the layout. Seems very slow. Dislike it all together. Going back to previous old version which works.

  11. It changed the fixed IP data in the network adapter nd stopped it working. It doesn’t uninstall properly; on XP the uninstall routine failed(!) and on Vista it left loads of crap (including a network driver) behind which even Revo didn’t find.

  12. battery life not accurate,i know my laptop has around 3:30 hour after full charge yet it shows only 2:30
    when i change the background brightness,the battery life won’t change, which doesn’t make sense to me
    turns off when it THINKS the battery is low

  13. This Webcam is compatible with most chat clients like Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, and Skype

  14. cannot burn dvd after converting, at will…have to re-convert all over in order to burn already saved movie…

    if there is a way, I haven’t figured it out yet

    plus a few bugs to work out(sorry i can’t collaborate more.

  15. cs2 and cs really slowed down my pc so i went back to 7 and i find there isnt much diffrence and my pc likes 7 alot better!

  16. I used this product on two different computers with the same result, one of them being a brand new tricked-out system: It appeared to have deleted some fonts in my system. Install/Uninstall boxes had no text in them and the fonts in FireFox browsers were completely messed up. I had to do a system restore to get things back to normal.

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