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ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter 1.4.2 activated

Take control of what and how to monitor

It's recommended to have a look in the settings menu as well because it lets you configure the network interfaces to monitor, a very useful option especially if there are multiple network adapters installed on your computer. Plus, you're allowed to configure the month start day and an interval to disable traffic monitoring, especially useful to those who have unlimited data plans during the night. Of course, since ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter codes is such an easy to use application, it doesn't hamper system performance at all, remaining fairly light on hardware resources all the time. In addition, it works just fine on all Windows versions on the market, but administrator privileges are required on Windows 7 in order to monitor specific network adapters.

ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter full version with keygen download free

ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter reg keys remains in tray and displays the bandwidth consumed for the session, day and month. ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter keygen will be useful for people with limited bandwidth/month Internet connection. Other features: option to make meter always visible, transparency of meter can be adjusted, option to exclude bandwidth during certain period of day (for those who have unmetered bandwidth during certain hours of the day). Track your bandwidth usage with this intuitive application that runs in the tray and features a handy information window with current and past data

Simple to use bandwidth monitoring software to track Internet bandwidth usage. It remains in tray and displays the bandwidth usage in current session, day and month. This will be helpful for those with limited bandwidth broadband/adsl connection. Features Option to make meter always visible. Transparency of meter can be adjusted. Option to exclude bandwidth during certain period of day (for those having free usage periods).


  • It allows you to significantly reduce your bandwidth usage by imposing several Internet browsing constraints
  • It doesn’t provide an option to restrict your access to the Internet when a superior value of bandwidth usage has been reached
  • It offers a simple mode to monitor your bandwidth usage
  • Would have kept it had it loaded correctly.I am much better suited with Rokario Bandwidth Monitor 2 Free which is professionally written and does retain the settings.
  • Simple, gives running count plus aggregate for day and month.
  • After going through at least ten freeware programs (and a dozen paid), all of them either having tons of additional functions and options, being heavy, not detecting all connections, or actually not performing the simple task of showing the current download volume and resetting it each month, I found this wonderful thing. If you have a monthly download volume limit and don’t want to clutter your system with lots of additional software to control it, the ShaPlus Bandwith Meter is perfect for you. Updated on Oct 31, 2009
  • -Wildly overestimates usage. -Image/content controls only work on IE
  • great idea to have a permanent judge of the downloads
ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter key

ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter Full Version Registration key is the perfect tool for those users who must keep track of every byte of network bandwidth, whether it’s Internet use or any of your system’s connections. It won’t test your Internet connection speed, but there’s no lack of free Web-based bandwidth meters that can do that job. For its rather more specialized function, ShaPlus is the best tool we’ve tried so far. It is a bandwidth monitoring software to track Internet bandwidth usage

System Requirement:

I have the software ShaPlus Bandwith Meter on my Windows 8 laptop. Only the software worked twice when it for some reason showed the Network Connections in the Network Interface list. I assumed that meter worked because the list was temporarily better. My question is then how can add extra information to the Network Interface list?

I’ve installed the application and it works just fine. There were no errors or temporary adapters created. The DLL files bundled with the application will make sure that network monitoring is done properly.
I recommend installing the latest version from the official website. After installation, make sure to check all the adapters that are currently installed on your PC. By default, the app will choose them for you.

I have several computers using the WiFi here, but only my laptop has the Shaplus Bandwidth Meter. Does the Shaplus Bandwidth meter only monitors my laptop or just the household Internet in general?

The application is used to monitor the Internet speed and connections only on your computer. It doesn’t have the capability of monitoring the whole Internet network. You can check the stats of the whole network in the router’s interface (if you’re using one). Access the official website to find more information about the software and its available features.

What’s new in last version:

Fixed bug not showing year 2016 in 'Monthly Totals'
Fixed bug causing runtime error in some Window 7 and Windows 8 installation
Option to display counter in GB (previously only KB or MB)
Option to reset "Now" Counter in Tray menu
Fixed bug not displaying monthly usage for previous years months
Added Monthly Totals listing (see "Monthly Total …" in menu)
Fixed : menu not closing when focus is elsewhere
Fixed bug : meter getting stuck after 2 GB in one session
Configurable month start day for those having billing cycle start day other than 1st of month
Remembers last closed meter visibility on startup
Fixed problems when connecting new networks

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  1. Not a lot – some features missing compared with others – layout takes a little getting used to.

  2. Guest, I have the same problem, but have not yet found a solution. Have you had any luck?

  3. UNBELIEVABLY PRIMITIVE text, notes, etc graphics. I get angrier by the minute trying to add anything to a page or change what I have already added. Is this the Adobe that makes Photoshop? Trying to add text or notes, etc. reminds me of Windows 3.0 software.

  4. Dear IObit makers

    This is the most useful, the most complete, the best all in one, and the greatest software I ever seen, so I would like you congratulate you, and all the makers of the Advanced SystemCare Ultimate for such a grate job,this is really a peace of art.unfortunately my English is insufficient to express myself properly,I just want to say that I appreciate it very very much, and I recommend it to all the internet users.unfortunately I am not rich, neither I have a credit card, so I’ve downloaded the free option for my PC, but as an appreciation, I would like to send you a gift, would you please send me a post box/post address so that I can send you at least a donation? many thanks,and good luck.

    greetings from Holland
    yours sincerely,

  5. Just be very careful when downloading and installing. Read EVERYTHING and only agree to the actual program and you won’t have any problems with unwanted things.

  6. This is a “subscription” based software. They just want to keep sucking money out of your pocket year after year.

  7. This program is so awesome that myself and many others are user but we spent lots of our own free time just helping other people up and going…I have even written my own batch program Gstart to help users get running again.

  8. Of course the only con would be that other programs have more features (which the full version of this does). But if you just want a reliable cd burning program. Get this now!!!

  9. I use the pro version, previous version was great. This release is incredibly unstable. It crashes constantly! I search documents frequently, which will cause it to crash at least 50% of the time. Support from Adobe is nonexistent.
    Stay away.

  10. All the cons. Crash, Chrome, FireFox, and the worst, those browser report the problem from other sources……

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