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* SQL console, which is embedded in the editor. It supports DML & DDL statements and provides additional information about database statistics and timing. * Object Browser is designed for getting any object DDL definition. One of useful features is support group operations, for example, you can select and disable a set of constraints in one operation. * Extract Schema utility, which loads all objects definition and stores on local disk. It works with Oracle 7.3/8/8i/9i/10g.

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You will find that the syntax analyzer has been redesign with PL7SQL, which makes the interface more functional than ever, and stores the information encrypted in XML files. They have also added a recycle bin to the "Object list", which is very convenient. Now the user also has a Reference Guide not available in previous versions of SQL Tools. One of the most outstanding changes is the line limit output. Previously, only 255 characters were allowed, now… up to 4000 characters – a great achievement for all programmers who work with database enquiries. Just download this free tool and you see how greatly you can benefit from it. Download SQLTools with keygen – A useful, robust and easy-to-use tool designed for Oracle users who need to manage and organize tables, procedures and SQL scripts SQLTools 1.42 pin is a light weighted and robust tool for ORACLE database development.

Working with Oracle databases might become a tedious work when you need to view all the SQL scripts and manage them in a way that can enhance your navigability and here is where SQLTools 1.42 registration keys comes in handy. Specially designed for Oracle users, SQLTools 1.42 Full Version Registered is a simple, reliable and effective application worth having when you need to manage, organize and edit SQL scripts within seconds. It provides you with an intuitive text editor, a useful SQL console and other few tools that enhance your database experience. However, you need to make sure that you have all the components installed properly on your system, otherwise the utility will not launch and display an error message. The application comes with an intuitive interface that shows you all the information you need to view about each table. This way, the left panel displays all the tables alongside their indexes, triggers, procedures, sequences and functions. After selecting a specific table you are able to view all the contained fields and create as many SQL queries as you want. Although it is not so comprehensive than other applications of its kind, SQLTools 1.42 full version is an ideal solution when you need basic data querying capabilities and object browsing. It also comes with support for a basic subset of SQL*Plus commands such as connect or disconnect from database and define variables. This way, if you are an advanced user, you can make use of the command prompt utility as well. To sum things up, SQLTools 1.42 activator is a practical and useful program whose main purpose is to help database developers to work with their SQL scripts and Oracle objects more efficiently.


  • Many, as for example the extended line limit from 255 to 4000
  • Some fixes need still to be done
SQLTools Full Version pre-Activated

SQLTools 1.42 cracked is a light weighted and robust tool for ORACLE database development. It includes a text editor, an sql console and a couple of sql utilities. You can use it for dial-up connection and it will work as fast as SQLPlus. It is small and not required an installation so SQLTools 1.42 Full Version license Key will help you anywhere because it is small enough for floppy and available for downloading on the Web. SQLTools full download is free and probably going to be a public source project. SQLTools 1.42 codes is: * Powerful editor (actually it'll be more powerful in the next release), which supports drag & drop, syntax highlighting, code template expansion, etc. It is possible to find a database object under cursor and get its description. Context sensitive help provides information about the current sql statement.

System Requirement:

  • Oracle Net8/Net9/Net10/Net11 or Instance Client
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit
  • Homepage: www.sqltools.net
  • Author Aleksey Kochetov
  • Last version 1.42

When I start running SQL Tool, it gives me an error message “OCI8: Cannot allocate OCI handle”. Program: SQLTools 1.4.1 Beta build 66 (for trouble-shooting) Location: .SQLTools.cpp(236). Platform: MS Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3 (Build 2600) COMCTL32.DLL: 6.0.2900.5512 OCI.DLL: Stuck at the catch point: 0x7c90e4f4 KiFastSystemCallRet() + 0

Either you have an incomplete Oracle Client installed ( SQLTools need a fully functional Oracle Client ), or you could try to delete the OCI.DLL from your Windows folder and create a link to the SQLTools.exe that contains the “Start In” property set to the folder where you have extracted the InstantClient to – this way the complete InstantClient will be found.

Hi All,
Till yesterday am using sql tools suddenly from today morning am getting this Error, Kindly help me out
Thanks in Advance

Paul Malgey:
Your response is not clear enough, what extract are you talking about?

We merely run setup.exe for SQLtools and also Oracle10g
Can you please provide step by step if possible ?

right click on sqltool and select Run as administrator. it will run

What’s new in last version:

Bug fixes:
DDL reverse engineering incrorrectly handles function-base indexes with quoted columns
The program cannot connect to a database that is mount but not open.
Updated the program setup and created a new one that does not require admin rights. The new setup uses a user profile folder (instead of C:Program Files) as a default destination for program files.
Work started on help system.
"Find Object" fails with EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION when Object Viewer "Use Cache" is ON while session "Object Cache" is OFF
Implemented "Rename / Move" command (internally it calls SaveAs and then deletes the original file)

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  1. Program install also tried to install malicious programing not related to product. Tried to hijack my home page and was blocked from fully installing by my pc protection.

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  4. Couldn’t find any tutorials for CS4. Very annoyed with the no manuals policy. Felt very cheated, instead I am expected to relay on a community help page – your lucky if you find anything relating to what your searching for! Money down the drain.

  5. Amazing Frre Program. Please keep it up. Integrating with FREE Photo Editor like GIMP would great too.

  6. Bought a new laptop recently since the old one was severely damaged. I installed this one and tried using it. Apparently, every time I play/edit a video and hit the stop button, it freezes. I have to do the ctrl+alt+del to stop the program from running.

  7. I am in Turkey as a long term visitor, I don’t speak Turkish. The update screen comes up (only) in Turkish, there are at least four check boxes. The update software should either come up in the universal IT language (English) or should cue off the OS language. I tried the download from http://www.download.com and from http://www.majorgeeks.com

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  9. Big deficiency: the smallest rate at which it can convert is 32kb. Other programs have rates as low as 8kb, which is a lot more ideal when you have a voice file that you want to upload to the internet so that others can download it quickly even on a dial-up. Other than that, as is acknowledged in the description, unregistered users have to wait a few seconds and click a “continue” button between each file of a multi-file rip session. Even this doesn’t detract from the excellence of the results. (And besides, a clever programmer can use a mouse-click macro utility to automatically click away those “continue” popups.)

  10. Sluggish interface, Driver Updater is VERY undependable, seems to take over computer. 200Mb program size. Privacy cleaner doesn’t explain how deeply the program cleans.

  11. Excellent. There are just two very important bugs in my opinion: can’t play Konami Cup and can’t play Become a Legend mode. And it seems that there’s no solution.

  12. While installing make sure to check off the box which wants to add Conduit to your computer.

  13. you have to install extra software even if you don’t want it and it leaves folders behind that you can not find , even if you use an uninstaller and only a handful or cards are free I installed windows 8 and wanted to re install print creations I bought the half fold greeting card software to get rid of the water marks but when I try to re activate thee program it won’t except my code tech support was some what helpful but all in all I would stay away from this software

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  16. This is good and I liked it even before getting it, and now I have it, but it’s nice.

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