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First, you need to create a new project. This will be the “parent” thought. Then, you can add as many “children” thoughts to this “parent” as you need, and also create “grandchildren” and “grand-grandchildren” according to your needs. Let’s say that you are using the program to write a historical essay. First, you create the “parent” with the title of the essay, and then you will add “children”, for example, “Historic context”, “Social life of the period”, and so on. You can attach the URLs of the relevant web pages to these “children”, as well as written files, videos, or audio files you may have created or downloaded previously.

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Thought management utilities

You can make use of several editing tools in order to organize your thoughts, such as create child and parent thoughts, insert tags, arrange ideas by name, type, or date, pin thoughts, embed attachments, perform searches, generate reports using different criteria (e.g. thought type, date, name, attachments), as well as undo or redo your actions. You may also check out a calendar and set up events with reminders. A built-in note editor allows you to print data, insert tables, hyperlinks, and symbols, check the spelling, and count the words.

Activate any idea or file in seconds. This program not only brings up the right idea but lets you see how it relates to everything else… so you are prepared for anything. This means you can shift contexts quickly and get an immediate visual briefing by viewing connected topics. Powerful file management Move beyond linear file folder hierarchies and organize files the way you think – under multiple categories or projects. Anything can be linked to anything else. Track and save multiple versions, add notes and tag documents with priorities. Even integrate Outlook, Apple Mail, or webmail messages for a complete view of your projects.


  • It is useful to organize and group files and other items in a logical manner
  • The costs of the license and service are rather high
  • Nothing. Can’t download and open
  • I’d been looking for a better way to organize digitically and this program uses the same “mind mapping” principle I employ when problem solving or organizing my thoughts. It has an pleasant looking, easy-to-use interface. My version (1.74) has been very stable thus far (typically I run Office 2000 and Quicken on Windows 98). That’s the good news. The bad is I haven’t integrated it into my work as much as I’d hoped. The examples given on the vendor’s web site typically are user-provided outlines of web sites and don’t apply to my needs. A minor complaint: One must be careful when adding graphics to the “thoughts” or else the program distorts the image into the program’s unstated preferences. Bottom line: It’s a pretty solution in search of the right problem. I just haven’t found it yet.
  • Web brain sync support horrible!I have this installed on a corporate pc, which like many in that environment, do not have admin rights. It takes weeks to get a new version approved and installed in this environment. The problem is, every minor unannounced upgrade they decide to do (version to version removes the ability of the previous version to sync to web brain. So you come in one day and discover things don’t work. If you desire to incorporate this as a daily tool for file management (like they advertise you should), this become unworkable. This has happened multiple times with no warning. Why would such minor upgrades remove such basic functionality of the previous version you’ve paid for. I’ve paid for a year subscription to web brain and am not able to use it for weeks at a time until the approval process for the new version can be completed. I’ve already lost the equivalent of a couple months of my annual subscription. When I called their support to see if they’d at least prorate the annual subscription, my answer was no and too bad. Shame, I put time into learning this tool and felt although still very clunky, it had potential. The fact that the company feels there is no problem with removing core functionality with no notice to existing customers every time they do a minor upgrade makes this a tool that cannot be relied on for real work.
  • Haven’t found them yet — but like all apps, I expect that sooner or later I’ll come across some and spend a lot of time cursing the thing.
  • looks good but not what I was looking for
  • Slows down my computer and too expensive to upgrade to the Pro.
TheBrain patched

Final remarks

All things considered, TheBrain 10.0 full version free helps you acquire a better understanding of your projects and content. It lets you store and visualize data, as well as find files quickly and detect if they relate to something else in the database. The comprehensive feature package makes it suitable especially for professionals. With TheBrain 10.0 codes, organize ideas, projects, contacts, files, and Web pages associatively to capture your thinking and perspective. Use your Brain for business projects or as an “everything in your life manger” so you can get the big picture on all your information and drill down to the right file or detail within seconds.

System Requirement:

  • 1 GHz CPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 100 MB available storage
  • Java
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 2003, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit, Windows 2K, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Homepage:
  • Author TheBrain Technologies LP.
  • Last version 10.0.64

What’s new in last version:

Windows: Error opening brain access and login windows
When context sensitive names are disabled via preferences, existing displayed thoughts are not updated until the active thought is changed.
If tips window is already open, show tips command should not do anything Attempting to open a remote Brain results in an error
Required authentication produces an error
Bug Fixes:
Error encountered when checking for changes if not connected
Failure to lookup search result name results in error
TheBrain 10 is full of new features and enhancements including:
BrainBox for Instant Knowledge Capture
The all new BrainBox enables users to send information to Brains quickly. BrainBox integrates with all popular browsers as well as Windows Explorer and macOS Finder.
Smarter Information Typing and Tagging
TheBrain 10 further augments TheBrain’s critically acclaimed Thought Types and Tagging. Visible types and tags can now be integrated directly into the network eliminating redundancies and enabling smoother workflow.

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44 thoughts on “TheBrain 10.0.64 Full Version key

  1. Keeping all my digital information in sync on my desktop at work, on my laptop and on my phone – in a SINGLE APP. TheBrain is amazing!

  2. This “Try before you buy” is a joke. The program puts a HUGE watermark across the entire center of the screen, making the program completely useless unless you buy it.

  3. Because its detaching faith in trustwortheness on all aspects ? NONE there are better programs to uninstall

  4. It?s a simple tool for making things faster but not worth spending that kind of cash. With that kind of money you can get state of the art Dreamweaver. Besides generated XML file fail w3c standard test more than often.

  5. Had to go into Repair service tab and sycn it will not automatically do it, or at least not in my case. After that smooth sailing !

  6. But if you download a video from YouTube, the sounding is delayed on most, except like videos that have YouTube in the bottom righ-hand corner. Then almost all of those will turn out fine.

  7. Oh man… This is the software you should have if you want to catch the real multimedia url.Great software.

  8. Not quite enough information in the Help section to make it quite clear what the relationship is between the maximum output resolution permitted by the program and that available from the input video file.

  9. I tried four times.New download and install.Freezes every time I try it. I quit. Going back to 7.

  10. I bought a lifetime license. Yet the license key only lasts for one year. So it’s a hoopla to renew it.
    After a few years they release a new version then want to sting me for a full purchase. I showed them their EULA text that clearly states my entitlement to upgrades. But they say no it doesn’t mean that.
    Don’t loose your order number or records of purchase.
    Finally they concede to renew my license key.

  11. None. My two account work great in the free version and I would easily upgrade to the pay-for version if I needed the added features and more than two account.

  12. I’ve tried every pattern of installing Flash Player, from the original to several personally concocted installation conditions to following advice on forums, and still, although it installs alright for Safari, it will not give Firefox the functionality of Flash Player. After installation on my OSX3.9 machine, Safari has functionality but Firefox does not when checking at the official downloads installation success site. Therefore, I can not use Firefox with YouTube, etc. Anybody got any ideas?

  13. Can be slow at times due to its size. Also, I don’t think theres $550 worth of features in the full version compared to the free version.

  14. after installation my computer became slow and frozen. i hope a shampoo have solution for that problem.otherwise i bought it for nothing

  15. I would give the name of the freeware program if not for the comment rules restrictions. My Rating for this program is five thumbs down!

  16. The CPU and RAM are heavily used immediately after log-in as it does its first sweep and update of the day – short delay of full power for half a minute – but still very usable system

  17. Produces low quality, inflexible, simplistic results. Far better can be achieved by using any native development environment.

  18. Did not work for me: gave me 3 errors. The last error said “Failure. Do not know why.” Not very helpful.

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