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TimeLeft 3.65 cracked is a pack of simple applications that will help you to measure time. It includes small watches, chronometers and countdown applications of all kinds with which you shouldn’t have any problem to be able to know how long is left before an auction on eBay that you are interested in finishes, view the time in other countries or be aware of how much time you have left before you go on holiday.

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You may use TimeLeft 3.65 cracked as a classic scheduler that makes you never miss an important event that is about to come. What is great about this tool is that you can use it to open websites or run computer apps automatically on a date and at a time you determine. The configuration of an entry is a hassle-free task. You just set the time coordinates, type a text message, and enable sound alarms. In addition, you can make use of smart rules, such as time bounds, repetitive notifications, or pre-reminders.

Creates desktop countdown timers, reminders, stopwatches, stickers, and clocks, also providing auction watches and time synchronization options TimeLeft 3.65 keygen is designed to provide solutions to most time-related issues TimeLeft 3.65 license Key looks like a suite of utilities designed to give solutions to most time-related issues. Namely, the program works as an event reminder, alarm clock, a countdown timer, system clock, stopwatch, timer, and a desktop message sticker. After installing the app, you will find the program conveniently placed in the system tray, so that you can launch it on the spot each time you need it. A double-click or a single right-click will open the context menu to set the proper time-based tasks. The main window is not impressive. Still, it is clear-cut and very intuitive, features that make this tool a good choice for all users.


  • Not compatible with all Windows systems
  • Launches apps at given dates and times
  • Provides multiple time-related modules
  • Variety of clock and alarm functions
  • Limited to a single entry for each time-related task
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The graphics are rather dull, even though despite this fact it is still a development that adapts perfectly to any Windows installation, because it can modify the size of each application and, since they are independent floating windows, they can easily be placed anywhere on the screen.

Tools included

Discover a great way to measure the time, thanks to TimeLeft 3.65 full version with crack and keygen , a pack of simple applications for your desktop.

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  1. Thank you for the report. The built-in check for viruses at Software Informer has detected that TimeLeft is clean. Kindly specify the antivirus you make use of.

  2. 1. If you upgrade it it cannot restore older images. It says the image is corrupted, even if the image has the same Checksum.

    2. For some very strange reason, sometimes it says the image is invalid when you need it the most few months later.

    3. If you want to test it, the back up seems to work smoothly with no Errors. But you’ll get screwed when you try to restore days later!

    4. A very strange thing about it: Sometimes, you back up, and restore in the same day successfully. But when you try to restore 2 months later the same exact image, it tells you: Invalid Image or corrupted image.

  3. The setup has some things worded funny, but that is being picky. Will this help me lose weight or be happier? That is my real question! 🙂

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  5. Seem’s to be a bit heavy, lots of processes started, high cpu load for quite a while updating at startup.

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