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But you can also enable a DNS accelerator (e.g. edit the Hosts list,  create an exclusion list), configure advanced ping and trace route, as well as view a list of all currently open network connections (open TCP connections, listening TCP and UDP ports). Furthermore, you can synchronize your computer's clock, use "Connection Minder" to execute applications when connecting and to prevent disconnections, view registration details for domain names and IP addresses (i.e. "WhoIs Client"), as well as get accurate and thorough information from domain name servers from all around the world. In the "Options" menu, you can select the TweakMASTER 3.60 full version with crack and keygen Agent mode and disable sound effects. Plus, you can check for program updates and copy text.

TweakMASTER activated

The software uses a very low amount of system resources and includes a comprehensive help file. No errors have popped up during our tests. Unfortunately, some features are disabled in the demo version (e.g. "LinkFox", "DU Meter"). Otherwise, we recommend TweakMASTER 3.60 codes to all users. Nowadays, Internet connections are quick enough for most users. Especially if we have an ADSL or Cable connection. Nonetheless, any connection is improvable if we install TweakMASTER 3.60 patched PRO, an application that improves the efficiency of our network connection using different techniques.

An Internet connection is a basic commodity in today’s living. This program helps you to increase the speed of your connection in an easy way. It has an optimization wizard that will guide you throughout the process. This is very convenient for those of us who don’t have the technical knowledge to experiment with different settings. First, the wizard creates a restore point before making any changes. Then, it makes several basic questions regarding your connection, such as its type (dial-up, cable, and so on), and then it will apply this information to use any of several strategies to enhance your connection.


  • It has a wizard for those of us who don’t have many technical knowledge
  • Although the wizard makes the tweaking process very accessible, the most advanced functions require more knowledge
  • It really did speed up my web surfing! Like about just 50%, unfortunately. But I don’t have to ask for more,my internet is very fast. It also has an intuitive interface, and delightful sounds everytime it completes a task. I bought it! Get TweakMASTER Pro now!
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TweakMASTER For Windows 10 Download

Speed up your Internet

The first thing that TweakMASTER free PRO will let you do is to check if your system is properly configured and optimized to access the Internet, something that may seem basic, but that not even Windows manages to configure for the maximum efficiency. All the settings can be modified by the user, even though in general terms TweakMASTER keygen PRO knows perfectly what it has to do, nevertheless, each person’s peculiarities can have a direct effect on these settings. It isn’t the same to optimize the file transfer than the browser. Furthermore, once installed, it will allow us to start a small program that will track all data transfer visually, and will show us the information in the notification area of the toolbar.

System Requirement:

  • At least 1024×768 screen resolution
  • At least 10 MB of free disk space
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit, Windows 2K
  • Homepage:
  • Author Hagel Technologies
  • Last version 3.60

What’s new in last version:

DU Meter 7.30 is included in TweakMASTER PRO, with many new features and major improvements.
Upgraded license is required if your license has been obtained before January 2015.
Minor tweaks to optimization strategies for improved network performance.
Several bug fixes and cosmetic improvements.
DU Meter 5.0 is included in TweakMASTER PRO, with many new features and major improvements.
Upgraded license is required if your license has been obtained before February, 2010.
WhoIs reverse IP lookup updated for compliance with the new ARIN web service results.
Tweaked optimization strategies for improved network performance.
New version check component which requires no user interaction unless new version is available.
TweakMASTER has been updated for a better compatibility with localized versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 (users of German Windows Vista are the most affected).

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