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Ultimate Extract and Recover 4.5.5583.16504 Full Version Registration Code

Industrial strength batch extraction and verification of RAR and ZIP archives There are plenty of tools meant to help you manage archive files, but few of them support batch processing of multiple archives at the same time, and even fewer can do that both quickly and effectively. Ultimate Extract and Recover 4.5 pre-Activated Free Download is one of these few tools that can batch-extract and verify RAR and ZIP archives in a really convenient, fast and reliable manner.

Ultimate Extract and Recover portable

This tool also provides comprehensive log files that even include some interesting statistics. Since it uses a smart caching technique, Ultimate Extract and Recover Full Version Full Crack is impressively fast and resource-friendly. To sum it all up, Ultimate Extract and Recover 4.5 license Key is a great tool for anyone dealing with archives on a daily basis, and best of all, it’s also completely free. If you wish to extract files from multiple RAR archives at the same time you should have a look at Ultimate Extract and Recover 4.5 full setup . It can also deal with password-protected archives.

It handles file names in Unicode, which means that you can name your files using all the characters the Unicode standard allows. So file names can be written in Hindu, Japanese, English, Russian. Most extraction utilities handle only ANSI characters and break when trying to handle Unicode, but UER does not. Handles passwords in Unicode, which means that you are not constrained by the regional settings of the OS. For example, in a Windows installation with UK regional settings you can use passwords in Japanese or Hindu. Keeps complete statistics and detailed log files with information on how many archives were extracted, failed, cached, and much more


  • Doesn’t offer a separate button for opening and processing single archives
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Suppors only RAR and ZIP archives
  • Fast processing speed
  • Free
  • Can also be used to recover archive passwords
Ultimate Extract and Recover cracked

Since it’s specifically created to allow mass processing of multiple archives at once, it will only load folders containing archive files, not individual files separately. Its interface is really neat and simple, making this nice tool so easy to use that even complete beginners can handle it without any trouble. Formerly known as “Unrar Extract And Recover”, Ultimate Extract and Recover 4.5 crack also supports Unicode file names, paths, directories and even passwords. Speaking of passwords, another function of this application is retrieval of lost and forgotten archive passwords using a dictionary-based method.

System Requirement:

  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Homepage: www.ultimate.nvglabs.com
  • Author nikosv
  • Last version 4.5.5583.16504

What’s new in last version:

Fixed bug where some files were rejecting/not checking certain passwords.
Users of older versions are strongly suggested to upgrade to this version (version
dded German translation to GUI
Visual improvements
Added ini.txt file which remembers the last Input and Output directories.The file is located in UsernameAppDataLocalUERini.txt and must contain just 2 lines,the first for the Input directory,the second the Output directory
Removed update check for new version
Updated to unrar.dll version 5.60.3
Minimize to system tray plus you can check the progress (in percentage)
when hovering the mouse over the minimized balloon icon
Removed ads
bug fixes
The log files :
have been moved and are now located inside the AppData folder of the current user: Username\AppData\Local\UER\

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44 thoughts on “Ultimate Extract and Recover 4.5.5583.16504 Full Version Registration Code

  1. There is no Help feature at all, so I’ve had to figure some things out for myself. There is no print feature built in. A work around is to do a screen capture and then edit and print out from Paint. (Do Ctrl-PrintScreen, then open Paint and do Ctrl-V.) FYI, if you want to back up your data, the data file is located in your My Documents folder and is called default.MyCa$hflow. If you want to see more at once in the Cash Flow window, you can increase the size of the whole window. Hover at the top, bottom or side edge of the window til you get the double arrow, then drag the edge. (There is no box at the top right to minimize or restore.) You can put data in for more than one checking account, but there’s no way to separate out the running balances for each account. You only get the overall picture of how you’re doing. This isn’t going to work for reconciling multiple accounts down to the penny–but I really don’t need it to do that anyway.

  2. DON´T BUY IT!!! I bought a year ago. It stopped to work. I uninstalled and installed it again, but the code number I have didn´t work anymore. The developer simply doesn´t answer my e-mails. Very disonest.

  3. Well lets face it guys, most of us want this to look at bible codes and stuff like that, with the unregistered version you can’t actually do much

  4. This is the worst program Acronis could roll out.
    It is so buggy that you wish to have a crash.
    A computer crash is way much better than this.
    ATIHE12 stays there…hanging…and does nothing.
    Online storage is so unpredictable that you do not even know if you can rely on it.
    Right now the server is out for god knows what reason.

  5. i played in eacceleration server and the game masters there seem to lock u out and banned u for choosing a skill of robbing which is a in game skill then they will tell u “eAcceleration reserves the right to refuse or cancel service of any user. Either you or eAcceleration may terminate your Account at any time without further obligation to the other. Further eAcceleration reserves the rights to terminate the Service at any time without further obligation to you. IF THE SERVICE OR YOUR ACCOUNT IS TERMINATED OR CANCELED FOR ANY REASON, NO REFUND OF ANY FEES WILL BE GRANTED. NO PRORATION OF FEES IS AVAILABLE TO YOU UPON TERMINATION OF THE SERVICE OR YOUR ACCOUNT FOR ANY REASON. UPON TERMINATION OF THE SERVICE OR YOUR ACCOUNT, YOUR ACCESS PRIVILEGES TO THE SERVICE WILL BE TERMINATED AND YOU WILL FORFEIT ANY UNUSED ACCESS TIME THAT YOU PURCHASED OR RECEIVED PRIOR TO TERMINATION.” DO NOT PLAY ON EACCELERATION SERVER. they sell a weak antivirus program and support wasnt any help on thier phone support, they also they made several mistakes with my credit card info like billing me 2 or 3 times for products i already paid for.

  6. – Bug (shareware crippling?) prevented further evaluation… Instead of sticking several files together, it stuck multiple copies of the first file together.

  7. Screwup on the part of the developers – install Acronis on your machine and any network shares you have will not longer be accessible to other machines on the network. Uninstall fixed the problem. Their support site provided no actual solution.

  8. kept dropping settings for a while, had to tweek the registry. Now, plain and simple, crashed whenever trying to use it. I’m on Windows 7 64 bits. Will move to another solution.

  9. 1) Installed an unwanted Toolbar despite it being de-selected
    2) Forces the use of the despicable Internet Explorer browser when clicking on links
    3) Changed my homepage to a google clone without permission
    4) Stole from Malwarebytes

  10. None really, The free service finds a lot of malware but to get the full benefit of the programme it is advisable to update to pro

  11. Once I downloaded the product and ran the scan, the product found over 770 ‘errors’ and fixed 5. No indication was given in advance what the download would involve. Now I’m stuck removing it, which as it tells me, is what causes the problems.

  12. I am looking for a good converter to convert my Apple Music for sharing and enjoying music freely. Luckily, Apple Music Converter helps me solve this problem. It is very simple and powerful, now I can get the DRM-free music with just a few clicks. I love it!

  13. I believe the full versions will leave me with no cons as the only cons from the free versions was that they did not fulfill all the functions of the full versions.

  14. I have v5.03 and find it an excellent and beautifully presented program. It gets the job done now – without any problems. Highly recommended. The one-click cleaner is very quick and smart.

  15. It has powerful photo editing tools and is easy to use without having to call up Photoshop and a lot of other nice features.

  16. As with all disk cloning/copying software, if you don’t know what you are doing, you can destroy the OS and data files.

  17. everything, it crashed my computer also had to reformat after it did its number where is 8 at bring back the ones that work. What is an alternative and where can everyone find it. this one sucks

  18. It’s getting everytime bigger and bigger,NOT EVERY ONE HAS A 6MB BROADBAND CONNECTION… we human makes the mistake for making somethings simplier we make everything else more complicated.

  19. Can’t think of any.
    Occasionally you will get an popup suggesting that you check out their pro version, but it’s not even a nuisance. I’m actually surprised they don’t do that more.

  20. This company is full of CON-MEN. They create fake accounts and give their product 5 stars. They have done this with every one of their products. None of them are free. No one should ever pay these people a single dime.

  21. I tried four times.New download and install.Freezes every time I try it. I quit. Going back to 7.

  22. none, really. The user should always be careful with Registry Cleaners – examine the results before you delete any values or keys.

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