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USB Safely Remove full setup

Safely remove a device via the convenient menu or a hotkey, remove unneeded devices from the menu, setup icons or names for the devices. Besides even if you stop a device accidentally you can return it in a click. Even if the device cannot be safely removed the program will show you locking processes and allow you to forcibly stop it so that you avoid incorrect removal of the device. Besides appUSB Safely Remove full version with keygen download can power off the devices on their stopping. Use command line tool in your scripts or a powerful autorun manager to automate backup to external drives, check for viruses and many more daily tasks. Clean up your drive letter list by automatic hiding letters of unused card reader slots, fix drive letters to a specific device or even forbid some letters from assigning to external drives for backup purposes or third party software. Features and Highlights Note: 30 days trial version. USB Safely Remove 6.2 full version free is a USB device manager. It saves time and extends user abilities on active work with flash-drives, portable drives, card readers and other gadgets. Download USB Safely Remove 6.2 Full Version keygen – USB device manager, a must-have tool for active USB users who want to ensure their devices’ security when unplugging them from the computer

USB Safely Remove free download

For active keyboard workers the program allows to stop devices using hotkeys. Additionally it has some unique features such as ability to hide empty card reader slots, fixing drive letter to a specific device, has command line tool, can auto launch programs before and after devices stopping, can power off devices after stopping on Vista and Win 7. A disadvantage of using Windows option for USB safe removal is the fact that it's almost impossible to know which stick is which, especially if you plugged in multiple USB drives into your computer. This program comes as an alternative to Microsoft's safe removal solution that provides you with a quick and effective way to eject USB sticks.

USB device manager, a must-have tool for active USB users who want to ensure their devices’ security when unplugging them from the computer Detach and remove USB flash drives from computers Have you ever lost important data due to the inappropriate removal of the external drive? Windows don’t allow you to stop a device? Accidentally stopped a drive you don’t aim to remove? USB Safely Remove For Windows 10 Download solves these and other inconveniences of safe removal in Windows and offers much more features for convenient and secure work with external devices.


  • There are cheaper solutions
  • Occasionally fails to complete tasks when using the global hotkeys
  • Offers you info about the connected USB drives
  • Immediately detects the connected USB drives
  • Uses minimum CPU resources
  • None so far.
  • The ease of use was the first thing that attracted me to the software. The one click feature is just great. It?s so simple and does the job so well that I feel that it should be part of any Operating System. Thumbs Up to the Maker..
  • The icon hides when no there is no device to remove so its never a hindrance. There when you need it, only the stroke of a shortcut. makes removal VERY speedy. If you have ever been annoyed by the native device removal, this will solve it.
USB Safely Remove Full Version Activator

USB Safely Remove Full Version Activator is a USB device manager. USB Safely Remove Full Version Activator is an enhanced and hassle-free replacement for Windows safe removal tool. It saves your time and gives you more power on active work with any kind of USB\eSATA devices. Unlike native Windows tool it shows what prevents a device from being stopped and allows you to stop the device forcibly. It has a highly customizable device stopping menu that enables you to hide devices from accidental stopping, rename them or assign images to find the required device in a snap. If you stopped your device and found you forgot to save some additional files on it the program lets you return the device without re-plugging.

System Requirement:

  • 10 MB RAM
  • 10 MB HDD space
  • USB support
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 2003, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Homepage:
  • Author Crystal Rich Ltd
  • Last version

What’s new in last version:

Improved forced stop:
Now the forced stop will unlock the device in all cases where earlier versions failed: svchost, an NTFS issue (so called $Extend$RmMetadata$TxfLog isue), when some low level program like antivirus, backup locked the drive etc. Besides now the program shows even such locking processes that open a direct connection to the drive (e.g. HD Tune) without access to the file system.
Reworked software update notification:
Now when the program notifies you about an update you can either skip future notifications for this version or ask the program to remind about this update in some time.
Bug fixes:
Command line tool crashed in some cases

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38 thoughts on “USB Safely Remove full setup

  1. Finds problems with system files that are essential .. after using, IE7 could no longer display html properly, systems were locking up. Had installed in on several workstations, spent hours uninstalling (NOT easy)

  2. Very unreliable on a W7 system. Dialog boxes don’t display correctly and searching is slow and then likely to suggest non-english versions first. Truly Horrible.

  3. None, if you want to get rid of About:Blank. Not appropriate as a stand-alone spyware protection program.

  4. I t would not change the wallpaper, I picked the directories and it would accept them and I would set the timer but it would not change the wallpaper.

  5. Couldn’t open html links in my default browser (kept getting error messages). I have had to prevent it being my default email client because of this. No choice when it comes to changing notification sounds or pop-up templates.

  6. added a new search and home page despite my checking “no”
    crashed each and every time I tried to use it

  7. A unique screen recorder lets you record one complete application/window including its child windows. During recording if you move on to another application, the recording will pause and resume on returning back ot the application/windows

  8. I appreciate Adobe providing a free reader, however, the 7.0 Reader is the worst. It stalls your internet connection, it’s slow, and most online adobe pdf’s will not download properly. Please reinstate 6.0 so I can enjoy the experience of downloading large files.

  9. BEWARE & be CAREFUL or Adobe Flash update will install Chrome and Mcafee Scanner on your compter.I found out the hard way last night.This is not Comodo icedragons fault but when it told me to update the newest Flash from Adobe I did on the page it gave me and I seen it installing Google Chrome.I closed it down before it could install.Then I tried again and it installed the Mcafee Security Scanner on my PC so fast I couldn’t stop it.I had to clean a lot of crap off of my PC thanks to Adobe Flash and there new tricky programs they add.If you update Flash you better look real close on that page so you don’t get Chrome and Mcafee.Adobe has stooped to a new low with the sneaky,dirty little tactics to install Chrome and Mcafee on your computer.

  10. Uses 100% of your procesor, though it just used 13% of your memory but it’s way too annoying when it makes your processor running at 100%…

  11. Very impressive and creative art oriented. Perfect color blend, and easy manipulation. 100% recommended.

  12. Tried to send an email to developer to ask a question. Clicked on the link and……nothing!

  13. This evil product will sap your cpu to death and cripple your computer. I discovered the stupid thing was checking for an update while waiting for apparently an hour of incredibly slow surfing speed, I saw the update window and cancelled. My computer then returned to normal but them right away went back to ultra slow. GUESS WHY: THE STUPID THING POPPED UP ANOTHER LARGE UPDATE REQUEST. SICKENING. I suspect that adobe’s program is one of the major components that has been secretly crippling the windows operating system, besides explorer’s nasty cpu hogging problem. Use foxit instead it’s light and has much better features. DO NOT DOWNLOAD A PROGRAM THAT CRIPPLES YOUR COMPUTER MERELY BY HAVING A “PLEASE UPDATE ME” WINDOW. If that isn’t a sign of incompetent programming i don’t know what is.

  14. I don’t see why such a simple software that reads PDF files has to be so clutter, bloated and big. It really makes no sense at all. I uninstalled this new version because it was way too big. I went back to Acrobat 5 and it works fine. As long as it views PDF’s I really don’t care. What’s with Adobe and bloated software? Macromedia should have stood alone!

  15. The product is advertised as full function/ FREE on CNET. It is offered on their website as being FREE with limited functionality. Which is true?

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