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VB.Net to C# Converter 3.11 patched

VBConversions has complete support for VB 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2013 (all project types), including full support for the latest language enhancements, such as Await or Async, Implicit Line Continuation, Multiline Lambdas, Linq, WPF, inline XML, and implicit variable typing. The converter is rigorously tested on millions of lines of code in thousands of real world projects before each release, to ensure that it’s in tip-top shape to convert your projects accurately. Converts VB.NET code to the C# regulations and standards

VB.Net to C# Converter license code

Features support for batch processing items

The program can process files individually, as well as in batch mode, which allows you to convert multiple projects at a time. Also, users are given extensive freedom of choice in what the conversion parameters are concerned. The main window of the program sports a classic, yet intuitive appearance, displaying all of the features out in the open. As such, you are offered three different possibilities: to convert single or multiple projects or to process only snippets.

Converts Visual Basic.Net projects to C# with over 99% accuracy, with support for batch processing, code analysis and error fixing VBConversions VB.Net to C# Converter full version with crack and keygen 2.2 is a very powerful application that allows you to convert all of the Visual Basic.net versions to C#. C# is an object oriented language from Microsoft and is derived from C and C++. The program supports the 2003, 2005 and 2008 VB.Net versions. This application also supports all project types, including Win Forms, Class Library, Web and Compact Framework.


  • It has an intuitive interface and it comes with a help button that will be really useful
  • It supports all project types
  • The price is a little expensive
  • I like the dotnet field
  • get it
VB.Net to C# Converter Free Crack

As far as Customization is concerned, the program delivers a very rich collection of options that allow you to control the code formatting to the finest detail. Preferences related to conversion logic, indentation, brace, compiler error correction, string substitution and file encoding are available in this section.

Convert VB code to C# easily

Overall, VB.Net to C# Converter 3.11 free full download seems like a steady application that can convert and repair code faster than it is humanly possible, simplifying the tedious task of manually processing high amounts of information.

System Requirement:

  • NET. Framework (version 1.1 for converting VB 2002/2003 programs, version 2.0 for converting VB 2005 programs) and MDAC 2.6 or higher. If you have Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 or 2005 installed on your computer and can build your VB program successfully,
  • If you are converting multiple projects at once or very large projects, you should also have a relatively fast pc with at least 512 mb of memory
  • Windows All
  • Homepage: vbconversions.com
  • Author VBConversions
  • Last version 3.11

What’s new in last version:

Improved ability to convert very large projects without running into memory issues.
Added support to automatically fix CS0621, CS0736 compiler errors.
Improved conversion of read-only properties which are assigned to outside of a constructor.
Improved conversion of read-only properties which implement and interface.
Fixed rare error which would occasionally cause the program to hang during conversions.
Reduced number of CS0106, CS2016 errors generated.
Fixed problem converting LINQ statement inside of an If() function.
Improved CS0023, CS0246, CS0161, CS1620, CS0118, CS0103, CS0131 automatic error correction.
Improved disambiguation of = as assignment or comparison operators.
Improved conversion of complicated With statements.
Improved conversion of default properties not named “Item”.
Eliminated need for some temporary variables in out parameters.

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16 thoughts on “VB.Net to C# Converter 3.11 patched

  1. Every time, I have to delete previous backup and start over. Recently, there is an error which states, “Cannot make an image”. After waiting 11 hours for a back-up, it locks. There is no US support. When you go report the problem, it says you have to pay for support. How difficult can it be to make a disc copy program. There are better versions available for real time and on-line like Apple, Google, Carbonite etc… Too bad they don’t support their program. It is nice to have a physical copy right next to you. If you buy a hard drive from Western Digital, they provide software for back-up. I feel robbed.

  2. Love the two-click simplicity and DAR mode. Makes recording songs from Spotify free really easy.

  3. After installation it said I need to reboot. I did, since then it has been worse than a virus, all my USB ports have stopped working, including my mouse, and I have been working to correct the problem for 4 hours, with no success, I may evan have to re-install Windows, in hindsight that would have been quicker. The worst program I have ever downloaded from this site.

  4. Takes a very long time, even tells you it was successfully repaired but it wasn’t, nothing was fixed. I really wonder if this software does anything at all, is this some kind of a prank? Seriously, was this made by a couple of pranksters? Absolutely useless.

  5. Installed A Sepret Search Engine Called Babolon That Was A Nasty Virus That Kept Causing My Computer To Crash And Kept Slamming My Computer With Spyware And I Never Checked The Ok For It To Install A Sepret Search Engine

  6. Seem’s to be a bit heavy, lots of processes started, high cpu load for quite a while updating at startup.

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