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VistaMizer full version with keygen download free

Before setting up VistaMizer premium on their PC, users are required to choose if they prefer to install it as a normal app, also including an uninstaller, or if they want to patch their existing Windows installation without being able to undo the operation (unless the OS is reinstalled, of course) – however, they can create a bootable CD that can be used at a later time. When the normal setup is chosen, once can choose to automatically create a restore point, then specify the items they want to personalize. To ensure a complete Vista-like experience, it is recommended to leave the default settings on, then restart the computer when the process is completed.

VistaMizer activated

The VistaMizer with keygen allows users to transform their Windows XP systems by adding the transparencies, new icons, 3D effects and all of the other eye candy that came with Vista, while retaining the core XP system. The program is easy-to-use, only requiring that you hit the “Next” button a few times and then restarting your computer. If you want to go back to the XP look, the program saves a restoration point so you can set your system back to the original XP look, if you should so ever desire to. VistaMizer For Windows 10 Download lets the user select which elements they want to change and which to leave the same.

Download VistaMizer Full Version serial code – Change the appearance of your Windows XP by giving it the Vista look with this application, which provides you with various customization options VistaMizer pre-Activated Free Download brings the Windows Vista interface to your Windows XP desktop. Thanks to this complete pack, managing to make the design of the menus, buttons and other objects of your Windows operating system to look like those of Windows Vista (very similar to those of Windows 7) is very simple.

Apply Vista’s visual style to your computer

This Windows Vista theme for Windows XP works in a very simple fashion, you only have to install it, restart it and see how your system has changed. Where you used to have blue bars with red buttons you will now find the polished interface that was launched with Vista.


  • Open Settings for Configurations
  • Excelent Management of Resources
  • Option to create a restore point
  • Couldnt avoid changes in case of updates, is needed to run the extra program
  • Option to create a bootdisk incluiding the vistamizer role
  • No all the options description are in english even you choose the language, during the installation
VistaMizer Full Version Registration Code

If you want to change any of these elements back, you will have to run the VistaMizer Full Crack uninstall process. One of the drawbacks to VistaMizer free download is that some of the icons do not display as they are supposed to. If you want to modify the look of your system to Vista, but keep you XP, VistaMizer Full Version Registered is a good program to use. Transform Windows XP on Windows Vista using VistaMizer serials. Having the graphical interface of Vista on your obsolete OS is possible if you download VistaMizer 4.3 codes It can transform your Windows XP into the look of Windows Vista

System Requirement:

I installed VistaMizer on Windows Server 2003, and I get the Vista icons, but the task bar remained the same and I get the Start Orb sitting on partly on top of the old Start button. I ran the UltraUXThemePatcher but it didn’t solve the problem. Any ideas out there?

go to your desktop and click the right button, go to properties, aparence and chose the vista.

What’s new in last version:

Error with installer and uninstaller solved
Small adjustments to the theme
Bugfix in uninstaller, which did not a reset of some components
Representation errors during copying dialogues repaired
Theme now available also for 48px icons
Standard cursor replaces, so that now also again those copy and shift symbols are shown
problem with the assumption of the sounds, barrier PAPER, etc. repaired
errors with the De-Installations routine repaired

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45 thoughts on “VistaMizer full version with keygen download free

  1. Pro does not permit more than two send accounts.
    Pro could not set up more than three receive accounts
    Enterprise support consists of one person, 10 time zones away.
    Support person unable to address issues
    On Win8 and AVG2014, it thinks connection is encrypted, which it confirmed not to be encrypted.
    Thoroughly frustrating, and went back to old reliable Outlook

  2. Recovery media require special settings to work with a USB keyboard
    Can’t customiize the interface
    On-line backup is in your face whether you like it or not

  3. This is the worst program Acronis could roll out.
    It is so buggy that you wish to have a crash.
    A computer crash is way much better than this.
    ATIHE12 stays there…hanging…and does nothing.
    Online storage is so unpredictable that you do not even know if you can rely on it.
    Right now the server is out for god knows what reason.

  4. Worked fine until it started launching itself and locking up my computer in mid start. Neither the Vista query continue or cancel button would function. Deleting program went without a hitch.

  5. However with this last update, I got the Health Check added in and even though it has a settings option to not do a scheduled check, it never works and I get the annoying popup telling me that I have files in my caches and some temporary files that I don’t care if they are there are not. The popup is even more of a problem that the extra files.

  6. No real faults. Its not great looking, but the interface is easy to use and easy to learn – in a few minutes or less.

  7. This doesn’t come bundled with every operating system out there… and that is truly sad considering how many bits of crap software people have to wade through before finding it!

  8. what i dont like about the product is that i want to make my pics smaller byt your not telling me what to do

  9. Advertising does not state what format recordings are saved to. MP3s are most easily used.

  10. The day after I installed this, I discovered that the default search engine in all 3 of my browsers had been changed from Google to something I had never heard of. In addition, a mystery toolbar had been added to my browser.

  11. Pc tools theatfire said that program was known as Mal_otorun5 so I had threatfire to kill the download.But part of the program got through to my system anyway!

  12. I can honestly say that I haven’t found anything that I don’t like about this virus remover. It’s awsome and free!

  13. Used it once with one of its pre-set selections to converted “mts” format to “DVD NTSC” (MPEG2) but did not convert correctly. Moving objects appear with coarse pixels. Output quality needs improvement.

  14. Symantec (Norton Internet Security) reports this app as a Trojan and blocked the install. BEWARE.

  15. The only CON I can think of is that you cannot select WHICH image is used in the thumbnail preview. It automatically uses the SMALLEST ICON image as the default thumbnail preview which is not pretty if you include 16X16 resolutions in a 48X48 Icon file…

  16. However, the program mismatched my files and their names. Some, many actually, pictures said to be recoverable but when recovered were badly distorted and unviewable. May take less time rebuilding files and asking for friends and fmily to give me sets of pictures again than sorting through good and bad files and renaming them. This was my first experience with file recovery programs so maybe they all work like this.

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