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Wallpaper Master 2.16 keys

What’s more, Wallpaper Master 2.16 serials comes with hotkey support that allows its users to change a wallpaper, resize or stretch it, hide icons, pause and resume timer just by pressing a configured keyboard shortcut. Wallpaper Master 2.16 full version crack quietly runs in the background and doesn’t affect the overall performance of the system, running just fine on all Windows versions. The drawback is the limited format support, as the program can only work with JPG or GIF pictures. All in all, Wallpaper Master reg keys is one of the best apps of its kind of the market, serving its purpose with ease and offering users an impressive list of features.

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Wallpaper Master Full Version Activation Key is a powerful and highly customizable desktop wallpaper manager and cycler. Major features – Freeware version: – Store multiple wallpaper lists as different categories/libraries – up to 5000 images per category! – The ability to rate wallpaper, so better wallpapers are chosen more often. – Customizable Global Hotkeys – Quickly change/clear the wallpaper with any key combo. – Very high quality resizing of images to fit the screen optimally and keep their aspect ratio. – Analyse the wallpaper and automatically choose between Resize, Tile, Center or Stretch. …And many many more!

Wallpaper Master crack is an easy to use, yet powerful desktop wallpaper manager and changer to get rid of that boring static wallpaper on your desktop. You can change the wallpaper with a specific delay or at specific times. Wallpapers are easily managed in multi-level categories which can have time constraints to give your desktop a time or season dependent look. Wallpaper Master registration keys allows you to manage tens of thousands of wallpapers without slowing down. An advanced random selection algorithm is included to ensure that all wallpapers are randomly chosen before a wallpaper appears again.


  • Images won’t fit well if you are using a wide screen
  • Very easy to use interface. A lot of advanced options and settings
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Wallpaper Master setup provides a simple and intuitive control panel interface where you can add new wallpaper images quickly, configure the wallpaper position, background color, change timer, and manage your wallpaper files (copy, move, delete, or rename files) easily. Power users will enjoy to add special effects or filters to the wallpaper instantly as well as the ability to hide the desktop icons or make them transparent, allowing the wallpaper to show through. So if you are tired of staring at the same boring wallpaper on your PC every day, then Wallpaper Master Full Version Registered is absolutely made for you. Wallpaper Master 2.16 Serial Key is a fully functional trial version for 30 days, but after the trial period, the following features will be disabled: Image support except for jpg, gif and bmp, fullscreen slideshow, maximum files per list will be reduced to 2000, transparent Icons, wallpaper aligning, dual-monitor support and watermarking (Image name written on the image).

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  1. Horrific GUI! They should have released as a new/separate product. I think it is safe to say most TIH users would assume upgrading from a prior version will be an extension/improvement of the previous version. TIH 2012 steps into a parallel universe sharing only the name with prior versions.

    I’ve earned my living in IT for many years and am a longtime TIH user. For the life of me I can’t figure out the “intent” of the GUI designers. The best I can come up with is they decided to take away as much of the user choice as possible and for good measure, make sure experienced users remain baffled at all times.

    That’s just the GUI. Did I mention the program doesn’t work?

  2. I had to figure out where the output files went, it would have been good to have some indicator when saving

  3. Takes forever to load in. Your computer looks like it is hanging or crashing … then suddenly a pdf appears.

  4. I don’t want to save anything to some one’s cloud. I don’t want to be asked where I want to save my documents when I’m done with them. I would go back to 11 if only I could.

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