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WeFi 4.0.1 full setup

Another useful feature of the app is its ability to keep you connected to the internet by using most reliable and fast networks available. While you simply browse the internet, We Fi will scan surroundings and make sure that you always have best possible connection activated. Features and Highlights

  • Get a reliable, fast wireless connection.
  • Automatically connect anywhere Wi-Fi is available.
  • Find Wi-Fi hotspots around the globe.
  • Discover and map new Wi-Fi access points.
  • Be part of the community that is creating a global Wi-Fi network.

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With WeFi 4.0.1 For Windows Download you can discover the access points with the best coverage. Download WeFi Full Crack for free and connect to the best hotspots that are within your range WeFi 4.0.1 Free Download Activator is a powerful Windows software solution designed to manage your Wi-Fi connections and help you find new ones wherever you go. Especially supposed to be used on laptops that access various Wi-Fi networks, the program allows you to connect to any available network automatically, while also providing advanced tools for finding hotspots around the globe.

Manage connection and set up a profile

The interface is organized in tabs, each of them having its very own purpose and coming with a different set of features.

Interface of the app is very visual, enabling users to access very nicely arranged dashboard and tools that enable anyone to discover safe wireless connection that their PC can take advantage off. Users can filter out connections by approved lists (created by WeFi 4.0.1 Serial Key community), users Favorite connections and Any connections. In addition to current signals that you are currently in contact with, users can browse Wi-Fi maps of their cities, easily identifying where the tool users have found great connections.


  • Provides easier chat and spotting of friends on the WeFi network
  • Establishes fast and reliable wireless connection
  • Compatible only with your Windows XP or Vista
  • Provides notifications and alerts as soon as a friend connects to you
  • Automatically updates your Facebook and Twitter community
  • and much more
  • Automatically connects to any available Wi-Fi or hotspot
WeFi with crack

WeFi 4.0.1 preactivated is community driven – each person using WeFi 4.0.1 activator plays a part in growing the network. It will not take much to create a global network of FREE Wi-Fi connectivity. And when we do, we all get to enjoy using the internet whenever and wherever we want! So tell a friend – tell them all – and help map the world If youre tired of clicking around trying different Wi-Fi connections to find one that works – You…

System Requirement:

  • Wireless card enabled
  • Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Vista
  • Homepage: www.wefi.com
  • Author Wefi, Inc.
  • Last version 4.0.1

What’s new in last version:

Totally new User Interface
Mini Window added for easy access to networks
Three different Wi-Fi connectivity modes are now available
Wi-Fi Maps are now integrated into the main window
Support for Facebook Connect – users can now sign-in with Facebook credentials
WeFi now gives access to over 90,000 Premium Spots around the world
WeFi now runs on Windows 7
We redesigned the Notification windows
Hidden and Ad-hoc spots are now supported
Refresh button is available to refresh the list of visible networks
Improved stability
Added secure browsing component.
Cool animation in installer.
Improved sign-in spots detection.
Bug fixes
Automatic login – Automatically login to ‘requires sign-in’ spot, based on predefined credential.

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11 thoughts on “WeFi 4.0.1 full setup

  1. as an intermediate PC user, it’s too difficult for me to use…as it blocks everything, including playlists, myspace photos, etc., i was not able to get any of them back…and now i’m left with a sh*tload of recovery work to do!

  2. Yes, it does for linux users, and it’s bundled with the “ubuntu restricted extras”. However, it’s buggy in use, and for this reason, is limiting. Even linux users often resort to downloading Adobe flash player.

  3. Still uses a little too much RAM, but a LOT better after turning of some of the add-ins.

  4. The program is so user friendly, but the movie maker thing that comes with it dosent work for me at least. I could have missed somthing.

  5. This new version is a radical departure from the simple and basic features of Acrobat Reader XI. There are way too many bells and whistles for the typical home user of this product. Not only that, but many features look like they are available until you click on them and then they want $$$$ to use them. This just goes to show how greedy Adobe Systems is.

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