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Notice that although you will be able to transfer your programs, this does not mean that you will be able to use them on the other machine. Most programs require installations, which are specific to the running operating system and make some changes to the Registry. However, I cannot see what impedes creating a program capable of transferring and installing programs between machines running similar versions of an operating system with no need for the installer. I certainly found reports of bad experiences with this application, but most of the times, they are related to people expecting too much from it or blaming the program for system errors or their own mistakes. In general, Windows Easy Transfer 6.3 with crack is an intuitive application that can save you much time when you need to migrate to Windows 7.

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One disadvantage is that it does not allow changing the target drive; but it is understandable as many files will not work unless they are located exactly where they were on the source computer. In addition, some viruses will take advantage of this transfer to move into the new computer, a risk that you will always face, even using other methods. Just try to install a good antivirus on the target computer before performing any transfer. However, it would be a good thing if the developers incorporated some kind of antivirus protection within the application, including at least some of the viruses known to be using this process to spread.

Windows Easy Transfer 6.3 Free Crack is a tool intended to help you transfer your files between two computers, e.g. when you buy a new PC and you do not want to lose your old files and settings. It is capable of copying user accounts, documents, browser favorites, e-mail application settings, among other files. This application comes with Windows 7, but it also works in XP and Vista. However, for these two versions, you will have to download it from the Microsoft website; the good news is that both are free.


  • It can be used by viruses to spread to the target machine
  • It supports various transfer means
  • It is easy to use
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The program scans the current user configuration and provides you with the option of transferring all the accounts, files and folders with just a few clicks. You can also choose the user account that you want to copy or use the Advanced mode in order to specify the files and settings that you need on the new computer. The wizard-like interface guides you through the entire process and provides you with tips on what is the best option for your situation. This also applies to the method of copying the files to the new computer.

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  1. This info was very helpful & written for laymen who are not computer savvy. Thanks for the help!

  2. it’s not freeware but shareware and until you buy it, any output file is limited to 2 minutes.

  3. Biggest con – Adobe apparently believes every potential user for this software has internet connectivity. You can’t download the software with a connected machine to then put on a non-connected machine. Very poor judgement on Adobe’s part. Also, the program is huge for what it does. We make an application that is so far more complex and containing extremely high-end 3D graphics, and our program is less than 20% of Reader’s size. Makes you wonder just what all that other code is doing!

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