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Windows Live Toolbar 3.01.0000.0068 Full Version Serial Key

com home page; effortlessly customize your toolbar with only the buttons you want; access your favorites from any PC; quickly switch between Web pages in the same window; fill in Web forms instantly. Version 03.00.0001 added custom buttons, which allow users to choose from a community of buttons. Users can easily see RSS headlines from other sites, have shortcut links from the toolbar, or even create their own TB button. Smart menu helps users connect with info in the context of what they’re looking at on a Web page so a user can easily see a map for the location of a restaurant they’re looking at on a web page, or see the weather for a particular zip code or location without having to leave the Web page.

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Access all the updates of your Messenger contacts from the same place

Windows Live Toolbar 3.01 Full Version Activation Code is a toolbar that, once installed, appears just underneath the browsing controls. From that bar you’ll be able to immediately access the latest news and images published by your Messenger contacts, to your Live Mail account, to the calendar options, the noteworthy news from MSN, the Live Translator utility that allows you to obtain a translation of any page in a matter of seconds, and many other features. If you want to have quick access to the Microsoft search engine, Bing, and all your favorite Windows Live applications, download Windows Live Toolbar 3.01.0000.0068 pin right now.

Windows Live Toolbar 3.01 free download is a useful toolbar with shortcut icons to all the elements of Windows Live. Download Windows Live Toolbar 3.01.0000.0068 Full Version license code for free now on your PC Windows Live Toolbar 3.01 keygen easily adds numerous customizations to your Internet Explorer browser. Buttons are logically arranged, and tool tips are plentiful. They’d better be, because the buttons can’t be moved, nor can the tool tips be turned off. Many of the toolbar functions are part of the latest release of IE. Users of older versions, and those looking for specialized functions, will appreciate the many buttons available at the Windows Live Toolbar 3.01.0000.0068 full version setup Web site. However, our testers found the internal Install Buttons function failed more often than not. Still, installing buttons directly from the Windows Live Toolbar full version free Web site usually worked.


  • Built-in search
  • Great, useful smart menus
  • None
  • Custom buttons really help
  • none as yet
  • Installation is easy.You can choose which componenets to install.You don’t have to install the desktop search.Low memory usage.Anti phising add-on is good.
  • Windows Live search is still a bit sluggish so it’s best you set your default search engine to Google or Yahoo. Also, do not install this toolbar with McAfee SiteAdvisor V1.5.1.3 or lower (and Toolbar V3 beta or lower) as running both programs’ add-ons in IE will cause IE to encounter a problem and force to close the moment you start the program.
  • error, could not write value to key, is all I could get, can anyone help here?
  • it is easy to use
Windows Live Toolbar free download

This bar installs itself on you Internet Explorer browser and adds a lot of functionality that was otherwise M.I.A. The first feature that this application adds is the ability to start a search from any website that you might actually be browsing. So it all boils down to writing some text in the bar and hitting search, and you will be automatically taken to live. com to see some results. This bar also makes your browser smarter. Every time that a phone number appears, a smart menu will be available that will let you use an external application to call that number from your PC. The same goes for addresses; if you see an address you can use it as a start point to set a route or just go straight to the map to see where it is. You can also add your own custom buttons to the bar and make it work just like you want.

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11 thoughts on “Windows Live Toolbar 3.01.0000.0068 Full Version Serial Key

  1. my problem with flash is that it will not let Yahoo Maps do a round trip map. Before I can get the 2nd addy in…it flips off.

  2. it wont retrieve weather. i even contacted the creator but got nowhere. he suggested i try a later version but no version works. i cleared cache and reloaded. i uninstalled and reinstalled several times. tried both with and without firewall but nothing works. this program is 100% useless.

  3. Best Bible study tool ever, in my opinion. I can search any word and choose from any number of Bible translations, limit to old, new, the law, books of wisdom, epistles of Paul, and so on. I use it regularly.

  4. It appears to have been made VERY hard to impossible to obtain the formerly free “Weather Watcher” programs.

  5. Sometimes, the musical instruments come in quite loudly; maybe if all the music was at an even volume.

  6. I have found a few small issues with the program and they are usually addressed with the program updates. no complaints here..

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