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WinNc 9.2 Full Version Activation Code

WinNc 9.2 registeration keys lets you organize your files and folders using a two-panel window layout that can show two different directories in the same window. In addition, this premium software offers a multitude of features that are not found in Windows Explorer, such as the ability to color-code and synchronize folders.


Tabbed file management: WinNc 9.2 full version free also allows you to have multiple tabs open, just like in a Web browser, with different directory pairs in each. Unfortunately, you cannot drag and drop files from one tab to another.

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Instead, a dialog box appears for you to configure other parameters and filters. This is definitely a great help in automating some processes that require making decisions, as when you synchronize the contents of two different folders. Fortunately, you can also disable the dialog box if you find it is a nuisance to deal with it every time you want to do something. Sadly, something I miss is that the tool does not respond to right-clicking by showing a contextual menu. In addition to its usefulness for file copying, WinNc patch has many other highly convenient features. In this regard, the tool can be used to compress and decompress files and folders as well as split and recombine files. Likewise, it can encrypt or decrypt data.

The workspace of the application can’t be fully customized but you are able to create shortcuts to any directories located on your computer for fast access. Summing up, WinNc 9.2 Full Version Registration key is user-friendly, practical, reliable and packed with features that can surely meet the most demanding tasks you encounter. A tabbed, double-sided file manager with powerful options that enable you to manipulate files while working in a user-friendly environment


  • Various tabs with different folder pairs
  • Audio format conversion
  • Support of remote locations
  • Data synchronization
  • No support of cloud storage locations
  • Nothing at all.
  • It needs a much better help function. But, don’t let this deter you. The display is intuitive and it doesn’t take long to learn. And, veteran users are known to help others out via the WinNc forum. [WinNc has a large following].
  • I just love it.
  • I love this application. Thanks.
WinNc license code

It is a good thing that not only local folders are supported as the program can also access remote locations such as networked drives or FTP servers. It is a pity, though, that it cannot help you transfer data to cloud storage sites. However, it does support sending compressed files using your default email client. Good news is also that you do not need to learn new keyboard shortcuts because such commonly used ones as Ctrl+C and Ctrl+X can still be used to copy and paste files and folders respectively. However, most of these operations are not immediately executed.

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version:

Quick locate hotkey fix
Quick locate cleanup (not complete)
Quick locate custom hotkey in config
Minor 4K DPI issues fixed
Changes in (29-11-2019)
Hot key CTRL-ALT-Space in file open dialogs popups WinNc Quick Locate
Zip updated to latest version
Minor fixes
Release complete 64 bit version of WinNc
Five years of 64 bit parallel development now live in version 9
Scaling in dialogs fixed
Fixed Registration issues in 64 bit
Fixed multiple instance issue in 64-bit

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30 thoughts on “WinNc 9.2 Full Version Activation Code

  1. One little con not worth mentioning
    without any consent My cd\dvd burner ejected the cd after the burning section was complete.

  2. — How can an incremental backup of less than a weeks work take more than EIGHT HOURS!? Every week.
    –The one time I tried to use it to recover lost data, it didn’t work at all.
    — When the backup is running it sucks up 100% of your CPU resources, even on the lowest priority setting.
    — You can’t use your computer for anything else while it’s running.

  3. After shutting down and restarting my laptop lots of strange things seemed to have happened to my PC. It took about 2 hours to restore my computer. I can only believe that something from the AVC download went wrong. But then again I am not an expert in that field.

  4. Navigating could be smoother. For example, to do a standard median blur, you have to click on Effects, then Effects chooser. This brings up a box with a sample picture in it, and various tabs across the top. Click on the blurring and sharpening tab, then mouse down under the sample picture and click and scroll to choose Blurring (median). It’s not a hard process to understand, but it makes exploring all the wonderful effects more tedious than necessary.

  5. I wish there could be an option for output file can be saved in the same folder of source file.

  6. It bogged down my system so bad that I had to uninstall and then do a system restore. Unfortunately most on line videos are requiring this bohemoth. With this installed on my computer nothing ran properly. What is the alternative

  7. only two accounts on free edition. not a con but just for info. not as comprehensive as i wanted it to be.

  8. not enough print packages – I would like to be able to create my own package
    some features seem difficult to use (may just be me)
    can be a little slow to load

  9. Haven’t run into any problems, but then I Just downloaded it and worked it on a few music files…it did what it said. I did catch a few snags, but it was easy to correct without being directed, redirected, circled back and crash…

  10. nothing serious, because I have learned to use it for a new user a little complicate

  11. BUT the problem is dat and its really big i dont know why but my antivirus has shown virus in it.and at first i think its a mistake but on second install again it shows virus in some of its i uninstalled it 🙁

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