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Word Password Recovery Master 4.2 Full Version Activator

This simple tool uses the publisher’s computers to power through Word file password protection. Word Password Recovery Master 4.2 reg keys‘s very basic dialog-sized interface has only a single user-enabled field. The program’s Help manual is simple enough to teach novices to operate the program in seconds, but still offers enough information to satisfy the more experienced user. The only real work for Word Password Recovery Master full version users is to select the Word file. Using the built-in browse function, users can quickly select a password-protected Word file. The app immediately displays which one of three password types has been applied to the file. If the file has a Write or Protection password it is immediately disabled. Open passwords are only disabled if the app can contact the publisher’s servers. The automatic connection and operation requires no user intervention. The server sends the proper key to the user’s app and disables the document protection.

Word Password Recovery Master Full Crack

Word Password Recovery Master 4.2 keys won’t let you down if you need to quickly recover Microsoft Word document password. This simple yet surprisingly capable tool cracks Word document passwords like nuts, and the process never takes more than a dozen of second even for lengthy ones. The reason of such high cracking productivity is the advanced password server that possesses enough power to recover a password from encryption data sent to it in mere seconds. Importantly, the entire document is not needed for this procedure. Word Password Recovery Master 4.2 preactivated only sends a block of encryption data, about 8Kb long.

The program supports MS Word 97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010 and all types of passwords from the password to open a document to VBA project password. And if it can’t restore some password, it simply removes it from the document making it unprotected. Recovered or removed, in either case, you will be able to access your information again. And if you don’t want others to steal those Word passwords from you, you better set a master password that will block the cracking functionality of the program and therefore will not allow intruders to crack your files easily.


  • Non-standard CSP is not supported
  • Only cryptographic data are sent to the server
  • Does not support Word versions higher than 2003
  • Uses a remote password server technology
  • I was reluctant to pay money for this. Tried some useless free tools.Tried this program’s free trial – worked like a charm for the first 500 characters.I was still afraid of some scam but I paid using PayPal and the program worked as promised, unlocking an important document I have been working on since the early 90’s…Registered to CNET just to add this review for anyone who is willing to spend some money – it’s working!
  • Forgot a complex password to open a personal Word doc. Freaked out for months, tried more software programs and passwords than I can count. You specify the doc for the program, and it instantly categorizes it by password type, tells you if it can crack it, and if it can, leads you to purchase license/register code for $30. I entered the code and BAM! I could open and read my doc! Registration/license REMOVES / decrypts ONE Password for Opening a doc; and unlimited “write” and “protection” passwords. Save yourself time and frustration… this is a great program
  • I’d been trying for weeks to remember the password I put on a document a few years ago. I also tried a couple of office password breakers, but if your password is more than four characters and you’re on the average PC/laptop, forget it! So I tried this product and within seconds of installation I had my document open.It doesn’t attempt to find the password with millions of iterations that wear out your PC and your patience; it simply disables all security on the protected document. In my case it did the job virtually instantly.Read the product info re different versions of Word. I’m still using Word 2003 and for ‘Word Password Recovery Master’ the task was child’s play.
  • Very Easy interface
Word Password Recovery Master license code

Word Password Recovery Master full setup doesn’t actually recover passwords, but merely disables the protection. The demo will decrypt only the first 500 characters of a document. This tool is quick and works well. Novices to expert users should find it useful in the event of a lost Word password. Instant Insight into Word Passwords with Cutting Edge Recovery Tool alongside capabilities to decrypt documents created in Word 97-2010

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version:

New multi-lingual interface
Password recovery for VBA projects
Ability to crack all Word document passwords by one click
Full unicode support
Minor bugs fixed
Added support for MS Word 2010 documents.
Ability to remove "write" and "protection" passwords for MS Word 2010 files.
Minor bugs fixed.

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