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WordWeb 9.0 precracked

This thesaurus/dictionary can be used to look up words from almost any program. In addition to displaying sense definitions and synonyms, WordWeb 9.0 Serial Key can find sets of related words. The database has more than 150,000 root words and 120,000 synonym sets, many proper nouns, pronunciations, and usage tags. WordWeb 9.0 Full Version Full Crack works off line, but when online you can also quickly view Web references such as the Wikipedia encyclopedia. One-click lookup in any almost any Windows program; Hundreds of thousands of definitions and synonyms! No SpyWare. No AdWare. No viruses!

WordWeb Full Version keygen

The program has a full dictionary and thesaurus for American, British, Canadian, Australian, Indian, and global English. Get WordWeb with serial keys Pro to add full audio and many additional features, including the option to add Oxford, Chambers and Collins dictionaries. The free version is fully functional, and free if you satisfy the licensing conditions. All users may also try out the free version and then buy Word Web Pro. Features of the FREE version include:

The bottom pane offers tabs for such items as synonyms, antonyms, and related words. The app’s most notable feature is its hot key support; you simply use a hot key combo when the cursor is pointed over any word, and WordWeb full version patch will pop up onscreen with all pertinent information. There are tools for changing the database to one of several English variations, altering the text size, and disabling WordWeb 9.0 Full Version Activator from recognizing offensive terms. The depth and functionality of WordWeb 9.0 full version patch would be worth paying for, but thankfully you don’t have to redefine your budget to get it–it’s free.


  • Quickly provides definitions, synonyms, and antonyms
  • It works offline
  • It is based on Princeton Dictionary
  • Familiar word-processor interface
  • It can give additional information about a word
  • It could be useful if the software gave you translations
  • this project is excellent for its intended purpose but isn’t quite complete, as a minimal dictionary it is functional, as a thesaurus it works, but it is loaded with words it cant define, and doesn’t in my experience even offer to look this up or to save for a later quirey
WordWeb Full Version keygen

In addition, you can change the text font, reassign hotkeys, copy a selected word, set web references, delete installed dictionaries and configure preferences, such as show offensive words (with synonyms and suggestions) and show synonyms as root words. The program uses a low amount of system resources, comes with a step-by-step guide and we haven't come across any kind of difficulties during our tests. We strongly recommend WordWeb 9.0 Full Version key to all users.

System Requirement:

  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish
  • Homepage: wordweb.info
  • Author Antony Lewis
  • Last version 9.0

How do I get any updates via the Internet and how do I upgrade my WordWeb?

Just download the latest one and overwrite your current installation. Your custom files will be kept on the hard drive while the system files will be upgraded.

How can I resume my download?

The application is very small in size. If it happened to stop the download process, simply visit the official website and download it again.

How can I download version 5.0?

I don’t know why you would want an old version.
I guess you could contact them at their web site and ask if they archive the old versions.

Version 5.0 is not available for downloading. You can obtain latest version 7. My recommendation is to use the latest version because of the new features and most of all, because of the security updates and bug fixing.

Can I use this tool online, without installing?

Yes, you can use this application online, because there is a special version released. I have checked the official website and found out that the software can be accessed using the following link: http://www.wordwebonline.com/
It practically gives you the same functionality as the desktop version, but you don’t have to install it on your computer because of the online search engine.

What’s new in last version:

Fix for occasional crash searching in add-on dictionaries
Minor database updates
Fix use with Chrome extension in Brave and Vivaldi browsers
Fix for looking up words with ligatures
Fix for saving changed definition box height
Extensive revisions, with thousands of new words, senses and updates
Much more comprehensiv tagging of informal and other usages
Thousands of new audio pronunciations
Support for Dark Mode theme (WordWeb and additional non-web dictionaries)
Support for latest MS Edge browser
Display improvements for high-DPI screens (minor remaining issues with dark mode to be fixed in update)
Shortcuts Ctrl+Tab for next tab, Ctrl+Shift+Tab for previous tab

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40 thoughts on “WordWeb 9.0 precracked

  1. I have been using it for two years. I tried many dictionary, but no dictionary is better than this one. It helps to find word/synonyms/antonyms and also related words, no need to search for word meanings. Just search a word, press “Enter” and it will give the best result.

  2. This program works flawlessly and I’ve been using it more than ten years. It is one of the best programs I have on my computer. If the word isn’t in the data base it will take you to the Internet do an extended search!

  3. The coolest application gadget I have ever used since I became computer literate, 12 years ago. I like it so are my children.

  4. I am having problems getting F.S.X. to run without starting on a super large foremat. How do I get to srtart using a smaller screen? thanks

  5. I am new to Dropbox and was surprised that after downloading the version of the software from their own website, within an hour I was notified of a new version of the software (now supposedly 0.8 vs 0.7). When I went through this site it redirected me to Dropbox’s site anyway and still wants me to download the version I already have.

  6. IT is best tool I have ever come across. A must have. It works with all programs on MS windows. You just have to press control and right click on any word and lo! there you get complete dictionary – thesaurus + much more like the nearest word, closely matching word, ect. Your vocabulary and writting skills can multiply several times with this tool. My letters and IOM’s in my office have become very effective and to the point with this tool. I want to thank the developers and the distributors of this software. Thank you

  7. Can anyone mention one other utility that does similar functions as WordWeb, does it as good, and has a free version too? If there is, then it must be of the BRILLIANT category because I’m rating WordWeb as EXCELLENT. I’m a freelance writer and sub-editor and I depend on it for my work. Have been using it since 1999 and it’s one program I can’t live without. 5 Stars

  8. WordWeb is an invaluable thesaurus/dictionery, near as your notification area! Thanks SI. Auldsod504.

  9. This is the only free stand alone dictionary I ave found, and it’s pretty much flawless in my opinion.

  10. Well, it’s really hard to have any cons. It’s a demo, so you would expect bugs, and missing features. Otherwise, the demo never gets released, or it’s becomes a GB download. It is a limited version of the full game, but if you read the site, they already tell you that. It does have bugs in it, albeit they are minor. And again, it’s hard to beat FREE!

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