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XorTime 2.0 Full Version Free Crack

XorTime 2.0 Full Crack is a small and easy to use Windows application that comes in handy for people who use the Pomodoro Technique. The program implements: – a timer – To-do Today and Inventory sheets – tracking of completed pomodoro, abandoned, interruptions – Statistics on a month basis. Keep track of your daily, weekly and monthly tasks and work on your time management techniques with this lightweight and intuitive application

XorTime Full Version Serial Key

In the eighties, an Italian student developed a time management technique that he called the ‘Pomodoro Technique‘. This technique consists in deciding the task that has to be completed and assigning a specific amount of ‘pomodoros’ (indivisible 25 minutes time periods). After each ‘pomodoro’ it’s necessary to rest for 5 minutes, and after each four the brake should be longer, ranging from 15 to 20 minutes.

Main features

Now, thanks to XorTime 2.0 For Pc Free Download you’ll be able to apply this technique to your daily work. This simple application is divided into three sections:

Furthermore, you can check your productivity for each day, as the application tracks your everyday activities, displaying a monthly report with all your completed, postponed or failed tasks. This way, you can improve your workflow, by focusing on the difficult tasks.

A seamlessly powerful task scheduler

XorTime 2.0 registration keys allows you to manage your working time, by scheduling your everyday activities, then attempting to complete them in precisely limited time windows. This technique can reduce the impact of work interruptions, thus improving your focus and productivity.

XorTime Full Version Free Crack

It comes in handy for people who use the Pomodoro Technique XorTime 2.0 key is a small and easy to use Windows application that can come in handy for people that use the Pomodoro Technique. It implements a timer, To-do Today and Inventory sheets, tracking of completed pomodoro, abandoned, interruptions, and statistics on a month basis. A "pomodoro technique" software. Not bad but not free anymore, so …

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version:

First implementation of Chinese version.
Fix: Move row up/down.
Fix: Graphical issue with the buttons bar.
Compatible with Arabic language.
Improved copy, paste, Undo and text selection capabilities.
Fix: Month Detail page sometimes is empty.
Previous ToDo lists are shown in grey.
Added new layout to Todo-list page and customizable skins.
Adding today's total time (hr and min) to monthly stats.
Fix: start timer on empty row, click Ok => crash (thx Jonathan M.)
Fix: delete char in the middle of a string then write => chars wrongly appended! (thx Jonathan M.)
Fix: Change User data dir
Increased number of labels to categorize tasks.
Fixed graphical issue on Month Details page.
Fix on Unplanned and Urgent row position.
Removed duplicated calls to check new versions.

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  2. poor ratting when it comes to help.
    i have the product for 3 years and my Data base gets bigger and the program stops running, It is very difficult to get help from Boachsoft. even if you offer to pay.

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