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The design of a new antenna can start right away using the dedicated menu; once you select the antenna model, set the frequency, diameter, dipole gap, number of directors, boom type, as well details related to the construction of the reflector and dipole, you may press the ‘Calculate’ button. The results are displayed in a separate window, with the possibility to export them to an output file or to send them to the print queue. Also included in the application are a set of utilities that can assist engineers in various calculations, such as the gain or the stacking of an antenna, as well as its impedance or SWR factor. In a nutshell, Yagi Calculator patched can play a major role for engineers, telecom designers, students, teachers and even for hobbyists, delivering accurate results in a fast manner.

Yagi Calculator preactivated

Yagi Calculator 2.6 pin is a science application that targets designers of Yagi antennas, being capable of performing calculations for a given model automatically, based on the parameters defined by the user. Engineers have a hard time designing antenna prototypes using traditional methods, compromising on productivity and efficiency a whole lot. With the aid of an application such as Yagi Calculator 2.6.19 pre-Activated, results are delivered automatically, the only necessary effort being the input of various dimensions and specifications that are characteristic to this type of antenna. Yagi Calculator 2.6 serials is characterized by a basic and simple appearance, which is not uncommon for this type of software. Developers of such applications often make a compromise on looks, but compensate through functionality. Provides the necessary tools to design and calculate long Yagi antennas

By simply clicking on the Calculate button in the Design Yagi window you will get printable Yagi results for your design; and the dimensions of balun constructions can be viewed by clicking on the Balun button in the Yagi Results window. If you're not happy with the results, it is possible to return to any window using the Back button. In the Yagi Results window, clicking on the Create YO function will allow you to save your data. The program also allows to calculate SWR for various inputs; gain calculations for long yagi, the stacking distance and gain calculations for 2 yagis, and finally, the Impedance of Parallel Rods and Quarter wave transformers.


  • No back button in the Impedance window
  • Quick and easy to use
Yagi Calculator preactivated

This is an application designed to generate data for the construction of long yagi antennas for vhf and uhf use in a few simple steps Download Yagi Calculator For Pc Free Download – This is an application designed to generate data for the construction of long yagi antennas for vhf and uhf use in a few simple steps Yagi Calculator 2.6 pre-Activated Free Download will help any radio enthusiast to design and build his/her own DL6WU yagis for VHF/UHF, meeting the criteria developed from the work of Guenter Hoch. I have found this program easy to install. Navigation is also easy and the menu bar features exactly the options needed for the tasks required to develop yagi antennas. These options can be selected from the Task context menu. Selecting the Design Yagi option prompts the program to open a window where you can calculate the length and spacing of elements depending on frequency inputs; size of boom elements; different methods of mounting, etc. Dimensions for existing DL6WU antennas can also be entered.

System Requirement:

  • Author John Drew
  • Last version 2.6.19

What’s new in last version:

Fixed spelling typo and added the BC and CD distance for the dipole.
Printout of boom diameter when using insulated elements showed wrong boom diameter.
Tidied the yagi details printout – no change to algorithms.
Added provision for resize control.
Added provision for choice of folded dipole to be mounted through a metal boom.
Also re-arranged the design yagi screen to encourage people to insert the frequency first.
Added UT141 coax
Fixed a printout error in size of boom for square booms

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  1. This so called “fixer” managed to delete all my office settings and ruined my day. Be warned!!

  2. Even though I have the link it won’t register. There is no customer support and the site expects you to jump through a bunch of hoops lile it was some high securtiy software. My credit card was enough. I’ve asked for an immediate refund.

  3. Software leaves an undefined error in the Windows event viewer. Was not able to remove the New.Net malware from my system files. A competitors software was effective.

  4. I have used this software since version 1.27 and I just think its simplicity at its best and fast

  5. The interface is messed up (probably because of bad programming) and although it promised to be able to record the sound of Flash files it’s not able to do it.

  6. Utilizes a bit of resources (about 6MB or so of RAM) because of the sounds, but this has to be expected for an application of this tyoe. The user interface uses color schemes that are not so pleasant to the eye. It might be nicer if the OS defaults were used for the interface (making it look more at home as part of the OS).

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