Yahoo! Widgets Full Version Free Download

Yahoo! Widgets 4.5.2 free download

Previously known as (Yahoo! Widget Engine and Konfabulator), Yahoo! Widgets registered provides the native environment for Yahoo! small applications (widgets), so that you can run them on your computer with ease.

Discontinued but still operational

Although Yahoo! has shut down this project, the application is still functional and you can even run any widget you might find on the Internet as the Yahoo! Widget Gallery was closed on April 11th 2012. It can even be installed on Windows 10.

Yahoo! Widgets Full Version serial code

Download Yahoo! Widgets Full Version Registration Code – The Yahoo! Widget Engine lets you run little files called widgets, which bundle their own configuration settings, and control them from a dock Places various Yahoo-related shortcuts on the screen For those who are looking up for an enhanced desktop experience and haven’t found it yet, Yahoo presents the “Yahoo Widget Engine”. This is a platform application that you need to have installed and running on your computer if you want to access and use the thousands of widgets available on the Yahoo Widget web site.

Yahoo! Widgets 4.5.2 premium is a collection of simple desktop utilities, similar to those that are included in Windows Vista and Windows 7, but with a much more modern aspect. Thanks to these tools you can get to know some data like the time, the weather forecast or the latest news.   The application also includes a virtual photo frame, a utility to get to know the latest stock exchange news, a calculator, an RSS reader or a viewer to know the status of our PC’s memory.   From the official website you will have access to more than 1,500 different widgets, from small games, to all kinds of alarms, as well as controllers for your favorite multimedia players.   The interface can be customized by means of one of the hundreds of skins it has available, in such a way that adapting its appearance to that of your computer will be a simple and fast task.   Discover how comfortable it can be to always have a set of utilities available on your desktop, thanks to Yahoo! Widgets 4.5.2 portable .


  • Available for Windows and Mac users; it’s free; thousands of widgets available
  • Not very accurate weather information; take resources from the PC; requieres permanent Internet connection to be updated
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The software application comes packed with a few integrated widgets, such as the Analog / Digital Clock, Battery, Day Planner, iTunes Remote, Picture Frame or Yahoo! Finance / Mail Checker / Weather.

Built-in widgets to play with

Other widgets that have become very popular over the years comprise a world time zone clock, various RSS feed readers, countdown timers or webcam viewers. Yahoo! Widgets free download features a dedicated HUD (heads-up display) to quickly showcase all the open widgets at once. This is available through a customizable hotkey or by clicking on the round-shaped icon at the bottom of the dock – the place where all your open widgets are shown in a smaller and lighter way. The dock also provides you with the possibility of choosing which widgets are shown on desktop or in the HUD mode only.

System Requirement:

  • A connection to the Internet.
  • 512 megabytes of RAM is recommended.
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit, Windows 2K
  • Author Yahoo
  • Last version 4.5.2

I want to install Yahoo Widget with desktop calendar, analog clock, and temperature. What should I do?

Yahoo Widgets is a discontinued product. Even if you manage to install the program, you will not have the possibility to install widgets themselves because the website which hosted them is closed. You can try RainMeter. It’s a more geeky application but it offers powerful customization.

How to delete Yahoo Widgets from my Mac?

If you just want to remove the application completely, drag it from the Applications folder to the Recycle Bin then use Empty trash. If you want to remove individual widgets from the desktop, hover the mouse above each widget and an X should appear. Press that button and the widget will be removed from the desktop.

38 thoughts on “Yahoo! Widgets 4.5.2 free download

  1. Most info you can get from Windows Properties, so not much additional function for monitoring. Installing lets you pick to install filters, but has no explanation for it.

  2. Seem’s to be a bit heavy, lots of processes started, high cpu load for quite a while updating at startup.

  3. as usual the case sensitive key code makes it almost impossible to enter!so at this moment i can only give it one star.ashampoo need to sort this out a lot of people i know say the same about these key codes as i do.

  4. Like the firewall, this causes my 6 year laptop to crash after a complete scan due to a conflict with my outdated screen driver. (My screen driver is updateable.)

  5. This program is so confusing. For the coding and variables, a simple notepad format would be nice, but they had to make it so pretty and fancy, I just got lost as soon as I was in. For another thing, you can’t customize the interactive character, only the people around him. And the maps are very limited.

  6. Could do with a line or two about what each tick box clears in a hint box, some of the more obvious ones are ok like Temporary Internet Files but there is some obscure ones like Shell BagMRU, ComDlg32 recent that may confuse people.

  7. After a few weeks use the program demands an upgrade to a paid version otherwise it will stop working, no warning when installing. This used to be a really good piece of software, but the new upgrade requirements and more importantly how they have been implemented stink. I certainly dont mind paying for good software, but I opject to being blackmailed by it – bye bye Allway Sync

  8. You can’t download the update without giving Adobe blanket access to install whatever the heck they feel like. No, thanks.

  9. The problem isn’t with the software. For some reason, the download here is version 9.14, not version 9.2 as it says in the header. I went to the Microsoft website and did a search for “autoruns 9.2” and downloaded the file on their website, which was version 9.2.

  10. Can someone tell me why during the registration ,peer guardian turns red from a transmission to CI Host? Not the thing I expect from this site. Can someone verify it?

  11. But this program is completly useles for any type of video editing or anything else for that matter unless you like your movie or video to look like its underwater while your watching it, i believe that this program was probably made for 5 year olds that want to change the look of there movies to impress there friends and any grown person that acctually injoys it has the intellect as one

  12. The search bar is just fluff…completely unnecessary. Also, there is no option to completely hide the interface. You can minimize it, but it will always be present in your taskbar as a minimized program. It should just minimize to the system tray and get out of the way.

  13. when I checked some new songs that I added I couldn’t find them but I don’t think is a big deal

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