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ZenKEY 2.5.3 For Windows 10 Download

Once installed, the application runs in the system tray and places a small box on the desktop, enabling you to access all its features much faster. It comes with a list of predefined commands, which are already included in the menu. It helps you to quickly access frequently used programs, open documents, launch Windows applications, utilities and management tools. The built-in wizard is designed to guide you through all the necessary steps for customizing the ZenKEY 2.5.3 For Pc Free Download menu, allowing you to add new items or remove existing ones.

ZenKEY Full Version license code

According to Zencode’s Web site, ZenKEY Full Version Free Download is not a hard-boiled fruitbat. However, to call it a free desktop and system utility hardly seems to do it more justice than the developer’s infrequent quirky reminders of what it isn’t. Its Keystrokes feature creates versatile hot keys that can access just about anything on your system. Its Infinite Desktop extends your real estate as far as you like, with a handy map and a bunch of other useful features to keep track of it all, including the ability to “iconify” and “rollup” windows, set transparency, and bring things back to normal instantly.

ZenKEY 2.5.3 Full Version license Key is based around a simple but efficient context menu system that gives quick right-click access to “My” stuff: Programs, Documents, Infinite Desktop, Window (the program), Keystrokes, Control Panel, Internet Sites, Search, and Windows system utilities, management consoles, media commands, and more. ZenKEY 2.5.3 serials doesn’t leave out much, but it’s a cinch to add stuff. Clicking My Keystrokes called up a menu with several helpful examples of what hot keys can do; we tried out the Windows Configuration Utility command. Menu enhancements and hot keys are useful, but desktop enhancements are fun; next we enabled the Infinite Desktop and companion Desktop Map, a small window displaying color-coded outlines of the open elements on the desktop, with the ability to set transparency, position, and more.


  • None found in review
  • Free
  • Small
  • Lots of features
  • It froze my WLM window and winamp. It had a hard to use wizard that I went through. Whnever I made a difference, it jumped to the beggining.
  • can find my files or info with one or two key clicks
  • I honestly joined cnet ( which I love anyway ) just tosing the indexing and organizational properties of this Free product.
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The small application packs plenty of power, allowing you to control basically everything you can think of with a series of hotkeys or right-click menus. You can easily access any system or user’s folder at any time, but quick access is not only what this application is about. You can also enhance your desktop – ZenKEY precracked includes a Desktop Map, which is basically a small window that displays colors around opened desktop elements. You can also iconify windows, allowing them to be used as a program shortcut even while an application is executing. It is truly an amazing application, and the best part is that it is completely free. If you are looking for a program that grants you more control over your Windows environment, then search no more – ZenKEY 2.5.3 Full Version Registered is the one.

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version:

Refresh of the tool chain / build process.
Fixed error when tiling 4 windows.
Added 'Windows System Folder' actions so they can be added after installation.
Fixed "Subscript of of range" error for certain menu sizes
When moving the Infinite Desktop, ZenKEY will switch focus to the last used app visible app, otherwise to the app under the cursor.
If set as a permanent option (via the ZenKEY configuration utility), the ZenBar layout is now permanently enforced (instead of just on startup).
Usable windows are now filtered, providing a better history of used applications for desktop movements and window actions.

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44 thoughts on “ZenKEY 2.5.3 For Windows 10 Download

  1. This version fails to convert mpg to avi, giving me 35mb of audio only; or else it converts only the first 4 seconds of a 10 minute video into wmv. Conversion to other mpg types gives poor quality videos that seem to jump and pause. This current version is absolutely useless.

  2. 1. Converts only 3:00 minutes clip.
    2. Frame-rate accuracy is not there. Output video appears to move rapidly.
    3. Start point end point are not set properly. You take 3 clips: 0:00 to 0:25, 0:25 to 0:45 and 0:45 to 0:55. You don’t get a continuous clip of 55 seconds. The merged clip appears disjointed.
    4. You can not set start and end point in the pause mode. They can be set only while playing, and hence becomes tedious to set at the exact points you want.

  3. Computer went through what appeared to be a “dead” mode. Walked away until it came back to life–but with the Pro PCCleaner nuisance deleted for good. So give your computer time to do the removal task.

  4. I gave it back Ashampoo antivirus software; after one month, Because many of the problems. Some of: while scanning the virusses suddenly disappear, frozen the PC, etc. I forgot the others because I didn’t use it at least 10 months. I wrote all the problems to Ashampoo but they prefer to give my money back instead of the solve the problems.

  5. Forces you to have an ugly folder on your desktop where your downloads go. Can’t put the folder anywhere else, must be in desktop.

  6. if you want to see my awesome defense yard on plant vs zombies ds tr i will soon post my vidz online so you can beat the game

  7. A lot of errors while connecting to gmail and other emails
    Sometime delayed opening the message and gives message “Download next time”
    Very annoying message

  8. Doesnt play latest BD, tried Turbo, didnt work. Tried Lorax, played but video was like watching movie frame by frame. Tried with PowerDVD, same movie-pc-player all normal.

  9. has a problem with the current version opening Google+ everytime i start up the virtual machine.

  10. i dont know much about pc,however i found ASC very complete,so with my no knowledge i like it.checca

  11. none!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Marks the web pages with [munched] when an ad is blocked, if you want to make your own filter for a stubborn ad you have to rely on the people from admuncher as they don’t tell you how to do it they just add the new filter on the next update.

  13. i have nothing against it, except sometimes there are some deviations from some local Athan timings

  14. There is a button for extra tests – DON’T click it. Yes it found problems; but it takes you the comp’s website for a new software (I have no idea if it’s free). I Downloaded it and it froze my machine. I could do nothing but press the off button.

  15. I purchased the AyuSoft licensed copy last year. It is too excellent and being useful in my practice. But one problem is there that Shabdanidhi doesn’t work on my PC. I have sent an email also. Please help me to get rid of my problem.

  16. In general, the software is very buggy. Latest 6029 build caused my system to hang. I had to perform a system restore to get my system functioning somewhat correctly.

  17. Not quite as thorough as the Windows defrag (win XP, Much better than Vista’s, not sure Win 7), I use this to perform a quick clean up in Win XP, but in Vista this is the only defrag tool I use, the built in one has no progress indicator, this does.

  18. After un-installing my spooler went to 80% and have to run fixspool.bat on each reboot.

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